A “House of Cards” Dream Bathroom Turned Reality

Minted Wall Art

1.Carolyn MacLaren;  2. Stephanie Nowortarski; 3  Andrew McClintock

 4 Kelly Ventura 5 Naomi Ernest  6 VERYMARTA

The clients demolished this bathroom back in September… with two young kids in the house and a clear vision of what they wanted, they were in it for the long game- to say the least! They did a wonderful job project managing this first renovation and 9 months later… the bathroom is finally finished!!

Not only is it stunning, but the client declared it as her Dream Bathroom Made Reality! What an inspiring moment that was, one that re-affirmed that despite the sometimes crippling levels of doubt, the countless hours poured over every inch, and the cat-like reflexes needed to solve issues, the payoff of helping people create spaces that reflect their vision, well it’s huge.

We’re adding all the hardware and finishing touches as we speak and above is the collection of prints that I’ve proposed for the art wall above the clawfoot tub.

Minted.com is a wonderful place to find art pieces for clients. Too often we need to fill a wall with a statement, but the budget cannot support a traditional painting or original piece. While Etsy and Society6 are good places to look, Minted.com really has created a great platform to use for emerging artists to showcase their work.  It’s also intuitively easy for designers and users to plan, coordinate and purchase art. Plus? They have a phenomenal framing selection at competitive pricing.

I’m excited to reveal what the client purchased when we shoot the bathroom, it will be our first photo shoot ever! Huzzah!

The original concept, as stated by the client, was ”make it look like the bathroom in House of Cards”. Hmmm… Claire and Frank Underwood are hardly examples of outstanding people, but I couldn’t deny that the art production of the interiors (specially the 3rd season) was impeccable.

A good designer sets aside their love for fuchsia ceilings to execute someone else’s vision

The client had already set her heart on a Restoration Hardware vanity and tower, our job was to find the perfect layout that maximized the teeny tiny space. Functional requirements? Stand alone shower for the 6′-5″ husband and clawfoot tub with window view her her. All while maintaining the very traditional nature of the 1922 home AND respecting a specific budget.

Oh how I love tight parameters! prelim bathroom board-page-001

The danger of going with such a strong contrast in a small space is to keep everything looking light and airy. Did I mention we didn’t have ONE EXTRA INCH to spare?? We chose to reuse the original door and transform it into a pocket door to save on swing space. We opted for a full glass shower to highlight transparency and added a big ass bevel edged mirror to reflect the shiny white wall tiles and natural sunlight. For the floor, the client had wanted a traditional basket weave marble mosaic, but since we had so many heavy pieces to fit in, we opted for a 12″x24″ Calacatta Marble, to give the effect of slab flooring.

When you want to make a room feel bigger, stay away from tiny pieces… they can make everything look too busy.

marie eve shower

{full glass shower from Vitrerie Canaver & Restoration Hardware Vanity}

Well there you have it, a good old design post and a reminder that the things you truly want are worth the wait and the dust.



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