{acorn gardens}

OK FINE. So I won’t get a pergola for Mothers’ Day. FINE. A girl can dream, no?

I got the chickens, I dug out the veggie garden, the peonies are about to bloom ANY MINUTE NOW, and dudes, I have peonies. My very own peonies. Which made found themselves onto my gratitude journal, yes indeed.

I know I can’t have this acreage be instantly transformed into my live pinterest board, but the temptation is there and it lurks. It takes a stealthy mind to thwart off the desire to have it NOOOOOOOOOOOW. But like you all know, we are doing it all ourselves, so there just isn’t the ressources or the time to do it all. What a lesson.

In lieu of my pergola, we have a  picnic area which has a really nice view…

 2 cinder blocks + 1 plywood sheet +  seat cushions = outdoor dining area

I’m calling it Country Rustic Bohemian? That’s a thing, right?

Well it is now! fresh exchange{fresh exchange} my new obsession btw

fresh exchange{fresh exchange}


{jessica claire photo credit }



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