Summer 2015 MUST HAVE: Caftan

grace-kelly{Grace Kelly via Citizens of Fashion}

My mother wore mumus, otherwise referred to as Caftans or Kaftans depending on how much you like the letter “k”,  around the house. I have a vision of her in the kitchen, making breakfast in this specific caftan. We have an aunt who lived in the Ivory Coast and gifted these amazing African dresses, and the one I have in mind was emerald and purple with ornate white embroidery.

I stole it as soon as I was tall enough to not trip through the long hem length, about the same time as I started “smoking” my mother’s paintbrushes. It’s funny what happens to little girls when they discover Marylin Monroe at age 8.

That caftan served as a Cleopatra Halloween costume in grade 7, a Janis Joplin Halloween costume in grade 9 and just general amazing house wearing all throughout our tickle trunk years.

In the last few years of my thrifting career, I’ve managed to snag 2 Woodstock Worthy Caftans that constitute about 75% of my “at home” wardrobe lately. They are perfect to sleep in and I love how the billow in the wind when I take my morning walk around the property. PLUS? They had great big armholes for my cast…

mara hoffman{mara hoffman embroidered caftan}

So maybe you’re not sure about it for yourself, but if you are at all on the fence, read these guidelines as per Veronique Hyland {published in the CUT last spring} on how to get “Caftan Ready” for summer. I’m pretty sure I shared this last spring, but I’m incorporating it into my canon of seasonal posts, due in part to its awesomeness:

1. Select a caftan of your chosen gauge and length. Stroke its gauzy fabric and whisper into its folds.

2. Let your flesh settle into the crevices of your comfortable, comfortable caftan.

3. Crumbs? Let them fall where they may, swaddled in your caftan.

4. Throw out your razor.

5. Throw out your bra.

6. Throw out the aloe vera lotion you bought last summer. You will not be getting sunburned this summer.

7. Release your inhibitions. Feel the rain on your skin.


{what i look like in my head when I wear my caftans, insanely accurate, no?}

jim morrison2xo jim


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