Sleeping Tight and Right


Well, as you know, I’m in day 40+ of my morning routine… and I can still chat your ear off about it, so unless you want to be stuck in a high pitched conversation about meditation… you might want to stear clear of me! I will say that the meditation? GAME CHANGER. If you’ve ever been on the fence, or thought (like me) that it was a giant waste of time for people with little to do… you need to download the Headspace App NOW and start tomorrow. But at this point, I’m really repeating myself, step off soap box now. End.

Ok, so we have the morning routine down pat, we’ve even been able to be flexible about it (you know, on the morning when I was up from 12-4am with a 4 year old?) without losing our mind (if we don’t do it *exactly* like we planned, we will spontaneously combust, right?

But now, we have the NIGHT!  Bedtime routines are a comfort to babies, toddlers and kids alike, so why not us? Gone are the days of passing out (face full of make up) after the mid night snacks (pizza at 4am? why not!). And thankfully, the baby-related sleepless nights are things of the past. Yup, you can find this lady fast asleep on an open book by 9h30pm. Even on a Friday.

So knowing what I know about morning routines, I can only imagine that night time routines can be as powerful?

I found this infographic for a piece in the huffington post that illustrates habits that I mostly generally exhibit:2014_BeforeBed1

I’m pretty vigilant about no alcohol during the week, no screens upstairs and no caffeine past 2h30pm. And duh, exercise at night? If I haven’t done it by 7am, it’s not happening! My friend Dominique recently gifted a homemade pillow spray that she concocted and it smells amazing. Something I so would have never imagined doing, and yet I feel 1000% better when I do. It seems so simple sometimes: do what makes you feel good from the inside out! Then why don’t I ALWAYS do that?? That’s for a completely different post!

Anyways, so right now, my evening routine looks like this:

Do dishes & Make lunches (19h30-20h15)

Change into pyjama, brush teeth, wash face (20h15-20h30)

Read Pia a story (20h30pm-20h45pm)

Spray Pillow, Journal (5 minute journal), Read (20h45-21h30)


So I’m curious about what the women in my life do, how you help de-stress? Do you have little things that help you? A special tea or candle… or maybe you do a few sun salutations before hitting the sack? I’d love to hear about it and see maybe if I won’t be able to find something new to incorporate into my routine.

What are your beauty sleep secrets, or do you have any sleep related things that you want to work on?



2 thoughts on “Sleeping Tight and Right

  1. I am on day 5 of Headspace — today I almost fell asleep during it. Has that happened to you? From what he said, it sounds like its a common occurrence. But I am definitely digging the whole process. Big thank you for the recommendation.

    Also, I am *mostly* waking up at 5 a.m. but I am being thwarted by it with children just deciding to rise earlier — which. I can’t even begin to express how frustrating this has felt no matter how much I try to meditate the anger away! I’m going to keep on though because I still feel better than I do if I wake up at 7 a.m.

    Night routine is similar to yours, no drinking during the week (unless out for special occasion – even then, limited), no caffeine, no screens. I read my book and then lights out around 10-10:30 if all goes well. I still get the occasional visit from insomnia and normally a bowl of cereal will cure it.

    1. oh as soon as I hear the foot steps, I throw in the towel. I’m done!
      And since I’ve moved the order of things from exercise before meditation to meditation first. I do have moments where I feel drowsier, since it`s the first thing I do. But I also feel less likely to let my thoughts wander. But I’ve had weird night wakings recently, so that doesn’t help either.
      But no candle lighting or anything? Magic sleep tea? Favorite pyjamas?

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