Rose Water & Aloe Face Mist: An experiment

Ok, so after listening to this podcast :TheLivelyShowJenGotch

and this podcast, and after consulting with my two beauty and home apothecary specialists, I set out with a basket and Pia to pick the roses off my Eglantyne Rose Bush.


The project? Rosewater & Aloe Face Mist … why? Dunno. Just because I felt like it! I also made a Lavender cleaning spray that I’m addicted to, but please don’t buy the Dollar Store Spray bottles, they leak.

Anyways, there are many tutorials out there, like this one and this one, and in my typical fashion, I was way too excited to do it, and never really read the real instructions. Why? Dunno.

The color is dark (because I used the boiling liquid) and I didn’t keep a lid on (meaning that all the real rosewater actually evaporated)… See where I’m going with this? It was an almost total fail. So the end product is far from what I had intended it to be, but it’s definitely made me want to try again- which is shocking if you know me. If something doesn’t turn out EXACTLY like I had intended it to, it usually gets tossed. Ask me about my braided carpet….

Projected Happiness with End Product: 18/10

Actual Happiness with End Product: 1/10

Projected Happiness during Process: 4/10 (I don’t actually like the MAKING part of most things)

Actual Happiness during Process: 8/10

Now, all I need to do is wait for more roses to grow!

Happy Monday everyone! YAY it’s JUNE!!


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