Garbarino Update 4: JUNE

SUMMARY: We just turned the page on some major stuff like birthday parties and installation of a new door. Since the break0in, I’ve been struggling with sleeping soundly, and with Bruno being away AGAIN this week, I haven’t been feeling very safe at night.

Regardless, having crossed off major things off my To Do List has helped me regain some of my waning enthusiasm and drfiting mindfulness that I’ve been working so hard at cultivating! I know that we’ve all been trained to think that habits take only 21 days, but through all the research I’ve doing (and by research, I mean the HP):

turns out it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit!

So knowing that it was going to take 66 days to turn this morning routine stuff from novelty to lifestyle, I knew there were going to be peaks and valleys. Days 46-50 have NOT BEEN EASY my friends. So as not to dwell on things cannot be changed, here’s to a gorgeous new door and a new month that has so many fun things: {trip to Edmonton, new work projects, Mega Garbarino Birthdays, Piano Recitals, Bestie Birthday; the end of my 66 day Morning Routine Project AND END OF SCHOOL!! Yeehaw! No more lunches or uniforms or forms to sign… Freedom}

But let’s get to the Garbarino Acres June Update:

chicken bitches!


The best name EVER! They are a happy bunch, we decided to free range them during the day (meaning that they are free to go wherever) and they are penned up safely at night in the barn. Once we started cleaning the existing chicken coop, we knew (or rather Bruno knew) that we couldn’t get it close to fit for chickens. The barn cats, turns out, LOVE the chickens and they all hang out together near the rusty metal pile under the dead tree. Don’t I have a knack for making things sound idyllic?

The dog however, is totally not a fan of the chickens, we’ve even needed to set up doggie/chicken relations training… It’s like office synergy, but for animals who would most likely just kill and eat each other if they weren’t held back by a rope of some sort. Anyways, this all means that I have to sit wit the dog and the chickens together for 15 minutes a day. Which all backfired last night as Rosie lunged for the Dumb One and *just* missed doing some real damage.

never a quiet day at garbarino acres- let me tell you

The chickens are pretty easy to pen up at night and really only need food/water once a day. Feels like I’m tempting fate by bragging about how simple it is, but for the payoff of those eggs, and buying 1 less thing at the grocery store? It’s totally worth it. Now I need 24 more chickens.


gardens & the great outdoors

The garden is doing SO WELL! I was nervous at first, most of the plants being seedlings and not having had that much time to harden before being planted, had a tough time adjusting to the soil. But I was comforted by a new permaculture buff that this is totally normal. And I even harvested some swiss chard this week! One of my beds was completely upheaved by an unknown animal- this was the cucumber/melon bed fixed with half-ass trellises. The animal has attacked this bed TWICE now… I can’t wait for the fence to go up, although with all the work done on the door, it seems like it’s quite low on Bruno’s priority list!


{I’m calling this the Lunch Garden: radishes, lettuces, cucumbers and a tiny tomato plant, incidentally, the chickens consider this their lunch garden as well!}


{I planted peas to climb up the teepees and create shade for the swiss chard}


The only new thing in the house is the fly swatter, purchased after Bruno started installing the new door (which took almost 18 hours of OPEN DOORS + MOSQUITO HELL).  So a note to you: when installing outside doors- have a tarp ready to block out any unsightly SWARM OF INSECTS to enter your home. I’m pretty sure they ate half of Luca’s torso.

So there you have it, my update on the happenings


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