Turning Five


When your baby turns five, you have turned a page in the chapter of parenthood.
There are no more diapers, no more cribs, no more onesies, no more strollers.
Not only is she the last one, she’s also the only girl. And while I have probably cornered you at a party once and told you to, AT WHATEVER COST, only have boys, this girl fills me with this overwhelming awe that I’ve never experienced before.

She’s the kind of person that I want to keep small AND see her in the future, just to know her as a fully grown woman.
What will she look like? Will her house be tidy? Will she need me to buy her sheets? Will she have lots of friends, or a few besties? Will we live in the same city?
Here are a few of my wishes (some selfish, I’ll admit!) for her in the future:

I hope we can meet from time to time for coffee and lunch.

I hope that she realizes earlier rather than later that her own self worth will never be defined by other people.

I hope she loves Nancy Drew as much as I do.

I hope she adopts antique rose as a staple color in her wardrobe, it looks great on her.

I hope that she comes to me when her heart is broken or her spirit shattered.

I hope that she grows into herself and cultivates kindness, authenticity and courage.






Happy Birthday Pia


4 thoughts on “Turning Five

  1. Oh my! Lost it when I saw you baby girl asleep on those sheets! Happy birthday Pia and birthing day mama!

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