What’s on the Old Podcast Turntable

I’m readying myself for a trip on a…. WAIT FOR IT….


Hello??? This hasn’t happened in 15 YEARS! Anyways, someone is just a little excited and wanting to set up some good audio things to listen to during the flight to Edmonton.

So if you have anything that you can’t live without… PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!!

In the meantime, if you need a little something new, here are my recent listens:

podcast startup

Start Up Season 2

Following the Dating Ring Start Up Project- utterly fascinating! If you like women, business and starting crazy things… this might be for you!


The Good Life Project

Definitely falls in the Self-Development category, but has loads of interesting topics.   Perfect for the person that’s looking for something a little soulful. Not be listened to if you want something fun and upbeat or makes you not think of why you eat cold quesadillas out of your daughter’s plate. NOT ME.


The Lively Show

I don’t think I need to talk about this one any longer, it’s my go-to… this episode with Jen Gotch from Ban Do is especially great.  And if you don’t follow Jen Gotch on IG, you should. But only if you like things like pink hair and over applied gold everything.

podcast gretchen rubin


Definitely the most `maintstream’ of my podcast intake, but in a quick 30 minutes, you can get some good insight on shifting little things in your every day routine to make your life,  well, a little happier. If you liked The Happiness Project, you’ll enjoy this format.

The cynical sister side-kick is a nice addition.



This one makes me well up in tears everytime, and it’s about homesteading. Actually, it’s the Radiolab of homesteading podcasts. The sound production is impeccable and Austin, the main dude, sounds so incredibly kind. They have their friend Accountant Mike that weighs in on whether or not some projects are financially viable.

A great listen if you’re into projects that make no money and demand a huge sacrifice.

podcast pgm

Pure Green Magazine

A gorgeous online and print magazine offers up weekly doses of incredibly inspiring stories of people making serious changes to green their communities, families and selves. A must listen if you’ve ever dreamed of stewarding an orchard off the coast of Washington State

Ok, now you: what are you listening to!


6 thoughts on “What’s on the Old Podcast Turntable

  1. I love Edmonton, the festival city! Have a great time. I enjoy listening to A Slob Comes Clean podcast when I am cleaning, because well… I’m a slob. Listening to her lessens the negative self talk while I tackle the never ending piles and makes me hopeful I will find a better way. I look forward to listening to your suggestions!

  2. After feeling meh about the first episode, I loved the next two episodes of Mystery Show! Have a great trip!!!

      1. “Britney” is infinitely better and the episode “Belt Buckle” had me in tears! I LOVE the Dating Ring story — did you listen to the semi-related episode on Reply All about the man on the dating sites? (I don’t want to reveal too much here) — but you should definitely listen to that one as follow up if you haven’t already.

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