Poppies are the New Peonies

When the kids are in the house, I have exactly 48 minutes of time where I can perform a task, uninterrupted. So I had the idea to write a pros/cons or either/or style post about Peonies vs Poppies (because duh, RIGHT?). But the timeframe in which I can operate right now is limited.

Also, my computer is annoyingly jumpy today.

amy merrick2amy merrick3amy merrick {photo credit: Amy Merrick}

Amy Merrick is a floral stylist that emerged from the creative streets of New York. She FITed, she retailed, she taught, she designed, she wrote for Design*Sponge and now for The New Yorker.  She was even the subject of a hotly debated column subtly titled  “I like This Bitch’s Life“, which garnered a variety of Twitter responses,  yet fulfills the internet’s requirements of love/hate based entertainment reading.

Her Instagram feed is the kind that gets 5000 likes on a single photo, and with reason. Her editorial style is so strong and her visual  so concise that it’s hard to not fall in envy with her photos.

“Floral Stylist is the new Artisan Baker”, just replaced the “Poppy is The New Peony” blog post.

Alternately, while Annabelle and I were brainstorming the idea for the sewing lounge, oh about SIX YEARS AGO, my second dream business was Tea & Tulips: and extra-ordinary flower, coffee, antique shop for the modern flower girl in all of you.

Hmmm… maybe a new business idea  IS hatching!


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