On the Night Table: Reading List for Summer 2015

For a long time I thought non-fiction reading was essentially a waste of time. Really, if you’re going to read (and you should) you need to work your way through the Russians, read the classics, hit up some turn of the century American fiction (Steinbeck & Co) and never ever EVER Read non-fiction.

In an uncommon act of humility, I’ve recently changed my tune ever so slightly and bent the rules. As you can see:


7 Habits of Highly Effective Families + Girl on a Train + Vaguabonding +The 4 Hour Work Week + On Equilibrium

I’m actively reading On Equilibrium, which isn’t exactly page turning, but definitely has value, just not the lighthearted stuff you would expect from a summer read.  The real summer read here is Girl on a Train, which I’m hoarding for my Vermont vacation later this summer. Next on the list will be The 4 Hour Work Week (monia, can I borrow it?) which really borders on the cusp of Self Development (aaaaaack, notice how I didn’t use the dreaded “Self-Help” nomenclature? I am a recent SH closet junky.. Ekhart Tolle ALL THE WAY BABY!) but has interesting ideas on how we define freedom and what our attachment to money is formed. I took out 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families from the library in hopes of whipping us all into better summer shape, the kids have been, diplomatically speaking VERY CONTRARIAN of late and we need a little refresher on how to live as a group, myself included.

And in the desire to fuel my fantasies, I’m going to download Vaguabonding and listen as I let my mind wander to the grand master plan.  That one always included a VW camper and a 6 month drive across Canada down to South America, where Bruno’s parents have land and the foundation of a house that needs to be finished.

My trip to Edmonton was inspiring not only on the design front (WHO LOVES NAVY BLUE- THIS GIRL) but also on the financial front… more on that in a later post. The chickens are calling.

Happy Reading and PLEASE give me recommendations if there`s something out there that you think is a Must Read for this summer!



3 thoughts on “On the Night Table: Reading List for Summer 2015

  1. I try to read “your money or your life” every couple of years. It’s a touchstone for balancing money and values.

  2. I love to read self-help/improvement books. I rarely implement any of their suggestions but still love them and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I enjoyed the life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo (library borrow, quick read). She is quirky and cute. Her clothes folding method has been such a lifesaver for my girls dresser. You can YouTube it.

    1. By the way I took the Four Hour Work Week out of the library but never finished it. It seemed like his solution was to outsource to digital assistants overseas. Maybe I just didn’t make it to the good stuff. I look forward to hearing what you think.

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