Inspiration Illustrated

The painted arrow


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Illustrated

  1. This is a great idea! I usually work in such specific time slots through the workday at the salon, that I know I definitely find it easier to work in an alotted time. But I never really thought to do it at home, it’s genius because 25 minutes is both a short and substantial amount of time. I often feel frustrated with not getting enough done on weekends, but this should help! Xo

    1. So i TOTALLY failed the Day that I set out to totally Pomodoro, I think with the kids around it’s just too hard. BUT I used it yesterday to help me organize some house cleaning, laundry and groceries and it really worked. I washed my floors in 25 minutes!
      So having said that, I think it works but in a modified way, at least for me!

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