4 ways I trick myself into doing the things I dislike

There are so many things that I love to do, and also a few things that I DESPISE doing. I’m sure you also have a list of things you dislike: blow drying your hair? Dentist appointment? Groceries? Tell me…

However, between the things I loathe (laundry) and the things I love (picking flowers) in the middle, there is a vast ocean of grey things that really, given the chance, I’d rather not do. And those are the things I have a hard time getting motivated to do. Anyone with me?bLOG DISLIKE I’ve been able to trick myself into being more productive. Here’s what’s been working for me:

bLOG DISLIKE 2There are things that I can’t change.   But by engaging more of my senses, I ended up turning loathsome tasks like floor washing, more enjoyable. I added some lavender oil to my washing mix and BAM. I am less annoyed when I have to scrub, because the lavender smells pretty!

Maria recently gave me a beautiful bottle of soap for the sink and it makes washing the dishes ALMOST BEARABLE! Also, I ALWAYS have flowers at the sink, that way I’m less repulsed when I look at the pile of unwashed dishes . See? I’m easy to trick!  bLOG DISLIKE 1You can build a table until the cows come home. BUT you can only build a certain table if you have 2 hours. Kind of like the Pomodoro technique, giving yourself a time limit on any activity (fun or painful) can help you avoid getting lost in one task.

bLOG DISLIKE 3Exercising is the pits, most of the time. BUT, you know what feeling you get after you wipe the sweat off… that’s a GREAT feeling. I spent years calling back the memories of how hard a particular hill was and how much I hate the way I look when I run (SO MUCH JIGGLING), but thinking of the feeling of AFTER the exercise, well that helps me get motivated. Also applies to floor washing. Yes, it’s dirty, yes it’s VERY annoying, but the satisfaction of the clean floors is a great feeling. Remember that one.

And the last one:

bLOG DISLIKE4Now I’m not talking “New Car” treat yo’self… I’m talking about something small and sustainable.  I don’t need to reward myself for each task on hand, but an episode of Mindy while I fold laundry is TOTALLY a nice reward for a job well just done.  Or when I got through the ordeal of planning the 9 year old’s birthday party, I bought myself watercolor pencils as a reward for doing something that I REALLY DISLIKE. I ended up making a cute sign with those pencils. See? Win win win.


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