When a dishwasher might not be the answer

We have no dishwasher. And we eat almost all our meals at home, make all our lunches and snacks.   Sure, maybe some of those meals are Rice Crispies in individual boxes for DINNER,  but you STILL have to wash those spoons, right?

And so in this mega life renovation, we had always anticipated installing a dishwasher.

I grew up in a dishwashler-less house and it was just part of the process of meal time. My father washed, my sister dried and my mother and I put things away. My kids begrudgingly participate in a similar ritual, but I can rarely find anything after they’re done and usually there’s about 1 foot of water on the floor.

If my kids were child labourers, they would have gotten fired long ago.

Anyways, I’ve been 1 000 000% sold on the dishwasher since about 10 years ago. Until last week.

I got cold feet. What if, like most things I’ve idealized in my life, the dishwasher is not the life saving appliance I’ve imagined it to be?  What if IT’S MORE WORK to load and unload than it is to just wash and dry? What if we spend all this money, take up all this space and STILL, I complain about dish duty? What about those stupid soap pods… are they terrible? Am I going to curse them out when I run out and forget to buy them? Are they something I can make?

Guys,  I’m not sold on this at all.

I just don’t know that I can handle that disappointment. See, if we put in a dishwasher, I can’t have a double sink. And a double sink is really important when you ‘cook’ so much (I’m using quotes because I’ve been really lazy in the kitchen of late).  You get my dilemna here?

So my question is this:

Will the dishwasher help me stop hating dish duty?

Sincerely Yours,

Dishpan Hands Sally xo

In other news:

We had about 30 people over last weekend in what will be an annual Canada Day Party. Some souls were missing, but those who were there were the best troopers we could imagine.

And while our toilets were not thrilled, and important lessons about tikki torches were taught (THEY ARE SOLD WITHOUT ANY LIQUID IN THEM – you’re welcome… ), the whole thing was a huge success and we felt so blessed about the whole thing blah blah.. you get the picture.

Now if only we could get Whole Foods to sponsor the event

Displaying PMG_0391.JPG

Yeah that’s right… FIREWORKS AND FLOWER CROWNS? Mind Blown.

All of it happened at our place? And I received no angry letter from the board, no snubs and cold shoulders from the neighbours?  I really couldn’t love living in the country any more.


6 thoughts on “When a dishwasher might not be the answer

  1. I never had one until a few years ago when our place just came with one, we love it, but I also find we still hand-do some dishes here and there, so you’ll still be able to bond over the pots and pans 🙂

    1. Thanks Wendy.. I think I mainly have to wrap my head around just that idea… it’s not going to relieve me from that responsibility, it’ll just change it somewhat. 🙂

  2. Em I cannot say I would die without it but definitely my life is easier with that. And I can spend the time to wash dishes to something or somebody else instead. To behave even better relatively to environment we do not run the dry cycle. We open it and let the dishes dry naturally. We also save in electricity bills. Of course washing dishes has always been a zen moment for me…the moment you get lost in the smell of mint and citrus …. but there is always something you can handwash :’) hugs. Lu

  3. We bought a dishwasher and used it for a few years. We realised it takes as much work to load and unload etc. so now it sits unused taking up valuable kitchen storage real estate. It didn’t always do the best job and it definitely used energy.
    Mind you, I don’t have a dryer either!

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