What’s Your Color Season ?

Color-me-beautiful_autumnI have a clear memory of growing up with the distinct knowledge that I, Emeline Villedary, was an Autumn. It came alongside a VHS tape that my mother took out at the local library. Equipped with a make-up kit, my mother let me learn how to apply make-up on her and in turn helped me apply make up on myself. She then took me down to Holt Renfrew in Toronto, and bought me a Clinique lipstick (beigey-pink tone) and I was officially allowed to wear make-up. Sometimes.

And so it makes sense, that I am pulled to the rust colored cardigan at the thrift shop. Or those mustard silk pants I love so much. And it also makes sense why those flashy pink lipsticks from Stila look so so so so so terrible on me. Also why the strawberry blond eyebrows looked so disturbing..

Go figure, there’s a system after all and you can spend years working against it and not giving a sh*t, which is really fun, and then you can get old, talk about savings and investments and realize that black is way too harsh for you to wear directly against your face. Your mother was right.

And damn you, all you winters, with your gorgeous ability to wear WHITE and jewel tones.. If I had to choose my own color season, I’d most definitely choose winter. Justine, here are your colors (they forgot that yellow that looks killer on you):


Colour-analysis-seasons-1440x900{a maria for each season}

If you actually want information about this, and not just some ramblings about my own interest in the idea, Lost In A Spotless Mind does a WONDERFUL job of discussing each season and the general approach of color theory in one’s own wardorbe/style.

And it’s STILL A THING PEOPLE! You can today, in 2015, get your colors done if you so chose to! So let go of all that black and grey (yes, that’s you Annabelle!) and let me know what color you are.


4 thoughts on “What’s Your Color Season ?

  1. So I’m self diagnosed as a summer but I don’t really like the colours. I’m a believer in a grey base with whatever colour preference as an accent.

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