Return from Paradise: how to feed yourself after a vacation

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So we’re back from our Kinfolk-worthy trip down to Vermont. More on that at a later time….* Spoiler Alert: canoes, watering holes, local butter, watering holes, feeding children, repeat*

In the meantime, we just got back last night and I promptly kicked everyone out of the house to get a little quiet time this morning. It yielded GIGANTIC cucumbers, pounds of beans, amazing poppies and glorious flowers.

It’s good to be home, just not when everyone is here.

Before I left, I made this quick meal plan for a dear friend who was needing some inspiration in her new kitchen. Those who know me, know that I’ve been a long time meal planner, and with some new Illustrator Skillz, I put together this menu that took forever no time at all.

It’s by no means complete (only 3 meals per week), but I think it’s a good start. I’ve been known to hurl myself off the meal planning wagon come late august, so I’m looking forward to implementing some of these as a safeguard to make sure I’m nourished properly. Bowls, beans, veggies, eggs…

And no, my kids do not eat Chick Pea Sweet Potato Bowls. BUT maybe if they watch me, they’ll end up doing it by osmosis?

monia meal plansmonia grocery list

So as much as possible, I’m packing my plates and bowls full of vegetables and topping it off with hearty grains (damn that Lundberg rice is amazing), lentils/beans ( again, LENTILS ARE GROWN IN CANADA… WHAAAAAAT?), eggs and/or meat.

I’ve found a local meat farm in Tres-St-Redempteur named Aux Grains Des Saveurs/Fermes Lauzon. A local couple who bake and raise animals for meat, with a salespoint here at the Rigaud Market and I couldn’t be happier with their cuts!!  While not organic, they are grass fed, happy un-medicated animals from up the hill and the flank steak we grilled on charcoal and local wood chips proved to be top notch. Sourcing meat has been frustratingly difficult here in Rigaud and I’m so thrilled to have found a solution that meets our values AND budget.

And with that, I wish you a happy Sunday and I just wanted to write down how grateful I am to have this tiny little online sanctuary. It serves me in so many ways and helps clear my brain of any clutter. So I’m happy to be back and I have a ton of fun ideas and projects for the coming weeks!


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