Dos and Dont’s of Cottage *Vacationing*: Vermont 2015

  1. DO read this article and make sure to send it with the family/families traveling alongside you… it is responsible for gems such as…

If you need coins to get a hot shower, you are soooo not on a vacation… I don’t even know what to tell you.

2. DON’T rent a car with automatic windows, specially if your kids have never been in one with such advanced systems. You will need to pull over on I89 and lose your shit like a mad woman. I promise.

3. DO sneak out in the morning for your run, yoga, walk…. just get out before everyone else wakes up, you IMMEDIATELY rid yourself of any breakfast responsibility PLUS you get coffee upon your return! SCORE!

4. DO rent this cottage if you know what “campy” means when referring to interiors. Also if you like VHS tapes, board games, artwork and cheetah print duvets.

5. DON’T bring your dog if you at all expect to relax. Unless your dog isn’t named Rosie, at which point, you probably have a really well behaved dog.

6. DON’T make lavish plans for “after the kids go down”. That NEVER HAPPENS on *vacation*. You will most likely just fall asleep reading them a story.

7. DO drive to American Flatbread at the Lareau Farms for the 5pm seating and chill out drinking beer while watching the kids play, all the while eating THE BEST PIZZA EVER. Truly, this is a magical pie.

8. DON’T start a game of Monopoly unless you want: a) tears b) property cards thrown at someone and c) the ugliest side of your partner you have ever seen. Who knew a socialist could flip so quickly?

9. DO buy everything at the Cabot Creamery. And buy more butter than you think you can consume. On the same note, let go of any health/nutrition concerns about your kids’ eating. Nutella on toast is a complete meal, specially if you have an apple with it.





10. DO go against your inner limitations and say YES to kids kayaking alone, canoeing together and sliding down rapids (all with a safety vest, of course!). These risks they take have a huge payoff, plus seeing your 7 year old canoe off into the sunset alone, well it’s pretty amazing.

For him and you.


2 thoughts on “Dos and Dont’s of Cottage *Vacationing*: Vermont 2015

  1. Couldn’t agree more with #9. Sounds like great family memories were made in Vermont.~Carolyn @ Cabot

    1. OMG! I ate so much of your butter!! So delicious and your yoghurt was swooned upon DAILY! Also, your cheddar made the most incredible grilled cheese sandwich. So YAY Cabot Creamery!

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