Organize your Purse… Organize your Life

Back in the day of lipsticks and crushed packs of Benson & Hedges… nobody had cell phones in their purses, just loose coins and maybe a banged up tampon or two. If you were anything like me, your bank card was loosely floating somewhere in the depths of the debris, alongside your bus pass. If you were lucky, you heard a clanking of tiny jam jars filled with change, next to the broken arm of your beloved sunglasses.

Needless to say, Bruno was horrified upon seeing my purse when we started dating and it sparked an ongoing joke book authored by said man:

organize your purse…organize your life.

This concise self-help book was targeted to women, like myself, whose lack of order affected maybe more  than just her purse.

Order is something I have pined for year after year. It’s something that I have in certain narrow aspects of my life: my agenda is in order, my library books are always in the same place, I have a handy holder for my passports and our filing cabinet is pretty organized. My broom is almost always to be found on the hook in the staircase to the basement and I routinely purge the crap drawers, at a quarterly frequency.

Our home, growing up, wasn’t a tight orderly ship, but my mother always knew where the precise piece of paper was, among the sea of other papers in her phone book. More importantly, the house felt comfortable and lived it.

Over and over again, I come across the concept that outer order can or does create inner calm. Would that not be exactly the book that Bruno was writing? And if applied to your wallet, would it not translate into your bank account?

Needing to know the answer, I bought a new wallet. Mine was a dear possession (still in active use in Pia’s play world) but who’s zipper had stopped working and whose closed sides permitted me to store extra papers that cluttered the whole thing.

New Wallet:


More advanced version of old wallet:

I also set out on a new financial experiment, dedicating all my personal income (save 10%) directly to one source, paying off debt. And have created a little habit around the transaction of money (which has been a large cause of anxiety in my life) that I repeat every time I make a transaction.

These little changes have helped me start to curb my finance related anxieties, although vacation time is a tough time to maintain that. Back to school is right around the corner and that always entails a slew of unexpected slash expected spending that curve ball the budget, specially with three kids in school!

My ideal is to save a little each month and funnel it directly into a Kids Spending Account, alongside a Christmas Spending Account and a F*CK YOU Spending Account, inspired by my dear friend Moira. Who has a dedicated savings budget that is labelled F*CK YOU so that if she encounters something in her life that she needs to flip the bird to with some money (purse, shoes, flight etc.).

She absolutely can.


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