Garbarino Acres: August Recap


Veggie Garden:

Oh how I’ve learned! SO MUCH! Use cardboard to kill weeds, mulch mulch and never stop mulching, broccolis are enormous and learn the difference between pickles and cucumbers when you purchase seeds. I am seriously considering joining this seed club, that specializes in organic and heirloom seeds.. something that I have been researching more and more. You can listen to this podcast if this doesn’t bore you to tears interests you.

What did well: The brandywine tomatoes that I started from seed, all the tomatoe seedlings that I got from Les Fermes Tourne-Sol,  the ground cheeries, the green beans (serengeti from Les Ecouemènes if anyone is interested), the peas, the onions and the broccolis.

What didn’t do so well: the cucumbers, the squash, the melons (all got infected with squash bugs, I think), the zucchini, the lettuces, the raddichio (pretty sure they mislabeled the seed packet and sold bitter, gag inducing leaves). The kale got ravaged by something, so the leaves were not beautiful, but still taste wonderful.

Jury’s still out: corn, carrots, peppers (will they EVER GET RED?)

What did it cost: I spent about $100 on seedlings and $260 on soil, $45 on fencing and that’s it. I mean, it’s not nothing, but I barely bought vegetables as of the first week of July.

What will I do differently next year: Add new beds,  have seedlings ready to replace plants that don’t perform well, plan a better kitchen garden closer to the house, plant more of the things I can freeze (broccoli, green beans, peas), plant a wider variety of greens for salads.


I’ve learned so many new names of flowers, yarrow, corn flowers, bea balm, coreopsis, goldrenrod…. they are all here on the property and I love watching them grow.

How big can sunflowers get? Really fucking big. How awe inspiring are poppies? They make my eyes explode with joy. How many more beds of flowers will I sow next year? Hopefully, an entire field full. But that’s for another post.  I WILL however be making and selling flower crowns at the Bohème Market in Hudson on September 19th if anyone is interested in wearing hydrangeas with me.

I’ve learned so many new names of flowers, yarrow, corn flowers, bea balm, coreopsis, goldrenrod.. just to name a few


The chickens are still so wonderful! We’ve decided against wintering them here and will be keeping them at our neighbour’s house so that we can plan a no chicken left behind solution for next spring. Stay tuned.

The cats: I think we’ll be having a litter of furry cuties to place within the coming weeks, if anyone is interested in a new pet… get in touch! Cue eyeroll.

Rosie: the best worst dog ever.


The house, the house, the house. Well be bought the dishwasher and as of tomorrow, things will be happening in the kitchen. It’s terrifying to be moving ahead when you have the knowledge of what you could do with a deeper pool of funds. Like putting in bigger windows in the kitchen, heated floors etc. But I’m approaching this as our first major renovation and so I have no expectations. This house can only get better, no matter what we do. So there. A port-o-potty would be better than our powder room.

So there’s the August Recap. It’s been a wild month with lots of action and reaction. I have to keep in mind that 6 months into home ownership is nothing and that we have enormous plans that don’t happen overnight, not even over-year.


One thought on “Garbarino Acres: August Recap

  1. Vine bores will go after anything with a vine similar to squash. Cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, and possibly a few more. I won’t be growing brandywines again. They don’t produce in the Alabama heat. Not even in the shade.

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