Trans Transit Transition

Well we’ve established that transitioning to fall is awesome because of the wardrobe, right? Can you feel jean weather approaching? My legs need a break from the constant bug attacks…

What also happens at this time, is back to school- a phenomenon experienced SO DIFFERENTLY when you’re a child and then subsequently when you’re a parent.

Also, my kitchen is dismantled and in the process of getting ready to welcome THE DISHWASHER!! HUZZAH! In the meantime, I’ve transformed into a stay-at-home, working-from-cell-phone mom, doing dishes in the bath tub and dragging three kids around town to finish up the last of the already astronomically expensive back to school shopping for 3 kids.

That also means, lunches on the road, no meditation, no journaling and a whole lot of take out pizza over here. So while I’m clicking through articles on back to school lunches and perfect bento boxes, I have to fight to keep myself from unraveling. I HAVE NO SINK!

For National Dog Day, Rosie threw up 4 times and ate a bag of garbage.

Maybe now wasn’t the right time for a kitchen remodel, but it was the only time we could. Maybe the kitchen will take much longer (we’ll be doing the ceiling and the floors at a later point) and will still feel unfinished, but I’ll have my dishwasher and a backsplash… which will be huge.

The thing about all this self-discovery is that you end up realizing a whole bunch of stuff about yourself that is great, and a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t all that great. Areas you need to work on (and I’m not talking better eyebrows), things you need to forgive yourself for and things you need to forgive others for as well.

So I can say that I’m OK with an imperfect unfinished kitchen, but until I’m really OK with it, OR honestly admit that I’m not, I’m essentially just full of crap. So that’s my assignment for the fall, accepting the light and dark of myself.

My neighbour lent me Prosperity Pie by SARK, something I would have surely passed on the library shelf, but ended up loving and reading in two nights. It’s wonderfully honest and inspiring, a great pick me up for these strange transition periods, which are btw, always hard, but never forever.

In two weeks, this will all be over and a new chapter will begin.I wonder how much of each transition is brought into the next. I wonder if I’ll remember my own advice of:

taking small steps

not thinking about the big picture too much

not thinking too much, period

accepting what is


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