Kitchen Confidential: Black and White and Insecure All Over

So if you haven’t heard, we’ve recklessly started a mini kitchen renovation spurred on by the purchase of our DISHWASHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR (in Oprah voice).

I’ve spent the week without a sink, preparing meals out of the bar sink in the family room, but I’m trying to not kill myself stay positive and remind myself that this is what we WANT, despite it being hard. I find myself wanting the end result and not wanting to do the work to get there. Thankfully, I have a hard working, afraid-of-nothing, doer of a husband that urges me along when I slump down to the floor and refuse to move.

I was confronted by my own renovation insecurities, a completely different creature than the sensible insecurities we come across during our own work. No, this was bad …(including, but not limited to: what if it ends up looking terrible; what if I regret not getting the double sink;  what if I chose the wrong pendant. Why didn’t we gut the house before moving in? Why didn’t we buy a new house? If I had a design blog and blogged this kitchen, people would troll me. Why are there so many mosquitoes here? Why do I have so many barn cats?) My confidence as a designer quickly started to wither…

To distract myself from this mental torture, I ended up on Pinterest like many others, where, sadly, the insecurities grew larger. Once I left the screen and got on to paper and in the space, I got the idea to paint the window and door frames black, a play on super succesfull black doors from the Wilson Project.

Well that melted the insecurities right away.


Anyways, I took the barn cat by the horn, drew up some elevations and started thinking, not about what this kitchen wasn’t going to be, but rather, what it would be. We can only make things better in this old broken house that has been deprived of love and attention for soooooo long.

It was about this time last year that I visited it for the first time, and I’ll always remember my gut reaction to the first photo in the listing I got. It was of the entrance… and I knew it was our house.

The home we had been searching for.


Anyways, I had to go down that whole emotional roller coaster before I could sit down and get real with the work at hand. The drawings and measurements helped me with some bigger decisions regarding the upper cabinets and the placement of the stove (the debate between what is easy and what is better rages strongly over here).

I also threw together this concept board. I can’t tell you enough how helpful one of these things is. It’s a tool that helps us, Bruno AND me, communicate the design direction. It also makes sure we don’t do stupid things like paint a pattern on a wall (which *may* still happen).

Presenting you with Scandinavian Farmhouse:

kitchen inspo

I’m lucky that I have a painter friend who came for a  Painting Cabinets 101 tutorial, since I’m about a 2/10 when it comes to painting AND I’m planning on doing it all myself. Two weeks, two coats of primer, one two coats of paint and a ton of sanding. But I think it’ll be worth it:

Stay tuned for the results, I won’t be updated the hardware just yet, since the antique ones have so many holes drilled into the panels, it would take twice forever to patch those and fill them.

In the meantime I urge you all to get some paint.. and PAINT  A DOOR BLACK. READ THIS AND YOU’LL KNOW WHY.

black door southern hospitality  ¨source¨

Have a great weekend!


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