Top 12 ways to Survive Kitchen Renovations

This is essentially what has happened to your brain if you have lived through a home renovation.  If you are planning on staying onsite while this is happening, add some more fire to the explosion photo.

For lots of reasons (timeline, budget, or lack of brain function) many people choose to stay in their homes AND do all the work themselves.

These past two weekends have been full of electrical, plumbing, insulation and priming. Here are some before and during shots as we continue to do the work: kitchen beofreIsn’t the before (that’s the bottom one) from the listing so cute? It’s a deceptively clean photograph, because as soon as all their cute folksy country stuff was gone, it looked like the skeleton of a Hoarders episode. TERRIFYING.

If Trainspotting had a kitchen scene instead of a toilet scene, they would have used our kitchen.

Anyways, we are trying to clean it up, but opening up walls that are 160 years old can often always lead to major surprises. We aren’t keeping track of the mouse carcasses, but I’m pretty sure it’s higher than 2 dozen.


So having been without a kitchen sink or counter for two weeks now, that puts me in a prime Advice Giving Position, also just writing this blog means I get to boss the internet around without having anyone complain! Yay!

Also, have you noticed that it’s back to school? And that kids need lunches for school? Three of them, plus two snacks each, SEPARATELY PACKAGED?

Top 12 ways to Survive Kitchen Renovations

  1. Paper Plates (was the number 1 thing people texted me to do)
  2. Set up a temporary wash station with a good drying area
  3. Keep out only what you really need on hand, box up the rest and shove it in another room. We have a kitchen tray with 5 of everything, one serving dish, tongs, and a wooden spoon.
  4. Avoid the sprawl (lesson that we have not mastered) into too many other rooms
  5. Frequently eat out
  6. Ask for one pot meals from your loved one
  7. Take up new friends on their offer to use their kitchen to prep meals
  8. Settle in to the chaos but clean up as you go, or else it’s total mayhem.
  9. Do a little bit at a time: I’m a TERRIBLE painter, but only painting two cabinets at a time is totally doable for me. It’s enough to take advantage of the set up, but not too long that you go blind from the fumes.
  10. Prepare yourself to ALWAYS forget something at the hardware store.
  11. Label cups for your kids and urge them to share bowls if eating cereal- come on, is this the Ritz?
  12. Take out about 100 books at the library with the kids and let them take over your entire living room
  13. Yell often
  14. Forget about laundry, wear your painting clothes to parent/teacher meetings

So stay tuned for more in progress posts, as I don’t see this being finished before Christmas! And if you have lived through a renovation… please share your own tips!



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