Mix + Match vs Matchy Match: a debate of epic importance


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As I empty my cupboards, I find the odds and ends. The dessert plate from my Vietri set (the last remaining one), Pia’s name plate from the potter next door (also the only one left in her breakfast set), an old plate from my Mother In Law’s house and a pink vintage English piece from a flea market.

I’m conflicted.

What do I do with these lonesome pieces? Is it fair to toss them aside to make place for new uniform dishes, the only reason being that it pleases my brain to see everything the same? THE SAME!!

And what about these new uniform dishes? I bought the Arv dinner plates at Ikea last winter as a step in the uniform direction. Purchasing 8 at a time, and then planning on buying the side plates and finally the bowls.

But I resist, stubbornly.

Having worked in a home wares and kitchen shop for eons, where Kate Spade rose gold flatware sells for 1000$ a set, I’ve always loved the idea of a matching set of dishes. And pre-children, I had that. But one by one, the pieces got smashed and tossed aside. Martha Stewart followed and then sadly, a Debbie Travis set. Slowly, I climbed down the quality scale until even the Loblaws dishes seemed appealing.

No more.

Instead, I’ll suffer with the CorningWare + Vintage English + Ikea until I can make my own. So if you see me in the dishware aisle of HomeSense, slap my wrist and send me home.

What about you guys? Do you have the matchy matchy dishes? Or are you making do with odds and ends? How important is it to you?


3 thoughts on “Mix + Match vs Matchy Match: a debate of epic importance

  1. You could always have a set of uniform dishes that are stowed away and used for dinner parties? Then keep all the mixy-matchy ones — where I get conflicted is not being able to stack them all in a way that doesn’t take up too much space. I feel you!

    1. Yes, however, my mixxy mix is not like anthro’s mixxy mixx, you know? It’s super random and ugly. Anyways, I dropped off a stack of the more unsightly ones at the most depression Renaissance yesterday. So now we only have 8 plates, all white, don’t all match. Good enough!

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