Where to pick apples this fall: Les Vergers Hudson


Sadly, there will be no giant scarecrows, and no school buses when you arrive at Les Vergers Hudson.

Instead, a beautiful white pine barn stands in front of the 57 acre organic fruit orchard. The barn stands as a shop front and processing area for their products.

Apple juice, honey, saskatoon berry jam and local sunflower seed oil are all sold in this clean and modern environment.

Pia and I descended on this place, totally unannounced and were happily greeted by Daisy, the fiery Jack Russel terrier and her master, the resident master of the orchard Éric Léger. They generously entertained my 1 000 000 questions and oohs and ahs, they even gave us a tour, talked about their hives (each spring they sell off new hives and offer a small apiary training) showed us their woodshop and had us sample some juice.

Éric Léger and his wife Anick Joanisse are part of growing community of farmers dedicated to natural growing principles and working towards a future of sustainable agriculture.  They are first generation farmers, working the land from April to November and pivoting in the winter back to their original trades ( woodworking and upholstery).

You can read about their philosophy here.

As an established historically agricultural area, the Vaudreuil Soulanges region is both surrounded by industrially grown land AND a hub for small scale diverse agriculture. Next week in Ste-Marthe will see the Festival de la Tomate (they need a better photo), which is cited as the largest grower of organic tomatoes in the province. That, right next to hundreds and hundreds of acres of mono corn and soy. Bees and other pollinators are at great risk in this type of environment and the presence of this large scale agriculture directly threatens the life cycle of the important pollinators, without which Eric And Annie could not grow apples.

If you are interested at all in this movement, the Hudson Food Cooperative offers a really great resource page that had me reading up until the wee hours of the morning, more specifically the Miel Montreal website…

Anyways, this apple season, you should head out to 839 Rue Main in Hudson, between Tuesdays and Sundays, and help support movers and shakers directly improving access to healthy food, healthy economy and a healthy planet.

The End.


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