The Bohème Hudson Fair

Is THIS SATURDAY!! Yes, this one coming right up!

I’m suggesting that you pop on over the 40, past Vaudreuil and take the gentle windy road around the lake.

Destination: 422 Main, Hudson… You’ll see the tents and maybe even the giant pompoms! 30 vendors and yours truly will be there representing the very best in local, handmade goods. I’m so excited to mingle and be involved in my first community event!

Next: head on over to Finnegan’s for some quaint country flea-marketing!

And then: Apple picking at Vergers Hudson! Honey Crisp might just be in season… Yum. Pick up some honey and some local sunflower oil ( the BEST for roasting veggies) while you’re at it.

Don’t you love my used car salesman pitches?

Anyways, we’d love to see you! Come check out what the region has to offer!
There’s even AN ALPACA FARM in the area!


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