Dishless Meals: Feeding Your Crew with One Pan

It is not only those without a kitchen who need to ease up on the weeknight dishes. I may have eaten on cardboard this weekend… and that is not even an exaggeration.

Sheet Pan Turkey Dinner | Simple Bites #dinner #onepan #holiday #turkey

Sheet Pan Turkey Dinner

by Simple Bites

Roasted Fall Vegetable and Italian Sausage Sheet Pan Meal with Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and onions from

Roasted Fall Vegetable & Italian Sausage by Foodie with Family

Broiled Steak with Asparagus by Molly Gilbert via TheKitchn

let’s agree to sub asparagus for green beans, hell… I’d add tomatoes AND potatoes if I had to feed a male with this dish
So the three above mentioned recipes are easy enough dishes to throw together ahead of time, refrigerate and pop into the oven when that 5pm horrible time hits. That time when people still think you work and kids assume you are theirs for the taking. If you could split yourself in 4, maybe you could do it.
So for those of us who’s suppers have been cold lunch leftovers with a side of dried apricots, maybe these One Sheet Wonders can help us, at least once a week.
Back in the heyday of my meal planning, I had plans for the month and adjoining grocery lists. In sheet protectors. On a clip board. Go ahead.
Are you done laughing? Good.
So again in efforts to stay organized, I suggest a loose meal structure that you can adapt to your own schedule (night classes, activities, babies, work, etc)… Feel free to also burn this and cuss me out to your friends…meal plans

or, if you’re allergic to that type of structure, meal types

So… take THAT leftover soggy quesadillas… I don’t need you anymore!


2 thoughts on “Dishless Meals: Feeding Your Crew with One Pan

  1. The monthly meal plan with the grocery list? CRAVE! Thanks for reminding me about the one sheet meal. The Simple Bites is one of my faves sub chicken for my turkey hating fam. I’m up to a week and a half meal planning with at least two that I toss out and sub ‘BBQ some meat with a side of frozen fries!’ And yes, trade up to green beans. Always, green beans.

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