Capsule Wardrobe: Element The First

I’ve been looking forward to this chilly Monday morning since Friday,  which incidentally happened to be a doozie of a Friday: 4 kittens trapped in a wall rescued by me + 3 meetings in town + 1 broken car  + 2 school buses to catch + 1 unhappy client = 5 pm lobotomy.

Anyways, the weekend was full full full. After days of setting up tables at Boheme Hudson, taking down ceiling planks at Garbarino Acres, caring for infected kitten eyes and cleaning the house… I was more than happy to cancel the doctor’s appointment in town and hang out at home.


In silence.

And think about my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY: Fall Capsule Wardrobe.

Aaaaaaaah.  I feel better already!

I’ve yet to pry open my box of fall clothes and do the swap ( I might do that later- so excited to re discover my corduroy pants and SOCKS!!).  So I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be needing, but since the haircut post last week, these black overalls have been popping up on all my screens!

And so, I couldn’t help myself from making a mini collage of what I’m considering as my first piece:


So good, right?

You may notice that there are a slight variety between all of them… artsy to street style, skinny to full. I’m leaving this one in the air, seeing if I find anything at the right price point (under $75) and if not, I’m not going to make a scene, I promise.

I probably have more pressing fashion needs (like a white tee shirt, boots, underwear, new workout outfit, bra) and even more pressing house needs (hello siding, you are expensive) but it’s nice to daydream a little… they’d look so nice with my hunting jacket and clogs…

Stay tuned this week, I’m planning the September Garbarino Acres Update and other fun things! I’ve got a day in the studio tomorrow, which always yields Eureka worthy ideas…



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