Garbarino Acres : September Update

No animals were harmed during this post writing… I promise!

Yeeeeehaw! September got off to a rocky start over here,  but now that we’re almost done, I think we’ve found our groove. On the last night of summer, we built a fire, and while Rosie stank of dog shit and the kids were fighting over chairs, it was a really nice moment that celebrated our move out here.

These mornings have been other worldly beautiful. The fields are yellowing and rusting over while the sky’s blue is deepening, I haven’t seen a cloud since Sunday. It’s really hard not to send you all MLS listings and force you to move out here.  Everyone should be able to see this nature first thing in the morning, how could you not have a great day (trust me, it’s possible).  Driving up the mountain and seeing the mist fill the valleys imparts me with humility.

The House

Well, it’s still taking awhile. Bruno managed to cut the hole in the exterior wall for the kitchen ventilation, which took forever and filled the kitchen with dust and cedar smell. Equal parts good and bad.

Next step is to get new ceiling boards (with POT LIGHTS!!) up, install the ventilation stack for the hood, install the bottom cabinets, counters and sink, paint, tile, chose the pendants and ceiling fixture and THEN attack the other side of the kitchen. I’ve got my eye on Christmas. The lack of a firm deadline is a real blessing here. Otherwise, with a countdown in my brain, I’d be a terribly mean and angry person right now.

So in lieu of fighting against a rigid timeframe, I don’t feel rushed into any decisions (although I almost bought an impulse pendant at Reno last week, just to get it off my list). Which is all even better because I’ve been researching wallpaper and BAM, this is what I’ve come up with for the kitchen counter and wall that leads up the stairs. Josef Frank was an Austrian architect who founded the Vienna School of Architecture and helped lay the foundation for what we now know as modern interiors.

Josef Frank Wallpaper

The Garden

September garden is full of surprises! Tomatoes growing in the compost bin, new zucchini growth popping up and the ridiculously bitter radicchio is in full force. We just got an arborist to dump a truck load of wood chips in our driveway and now I feel this urge to dig up a whole new slew of beds. Maybe even move forward with my flower farm idea. But that’s for a totally different post.

The Animals:


Has the worst breath in the world. BUT she is behaving in that she only sleeps on our bed when we’re not home. She’s been aptly labelled as a High Prey Dog, or as the person assessing her said, An Asshole dog. Everything she sees that moves is a prey, and that is an instinct that is hard to curb.

Despite all of that, she is still the favorite dog in the world and seeing the kids develop a relationship with her *almost* makes up for all the BS I have to deal with.

The Cats:

As most of you may know, we have a litter of kittens! They were courageously rescued by yours truly. It involved a crowbar, high heeled clogs and a raging rish of adrenaline. Bobette had somehow placed them in a dangerous spot and these 4 little dudes fell down into the barn’s foundation wall. After an hour of trying to find where the meows were coming from, I gave up and started pulling the wall apart… and there they were! Pretty beaten up, but alive and desperate for milk.
So Bobette and her babies were reunited!!

There’s much more to write: about how it has been 1 year since we put the offer on this house, how it feels so good to not be in limbo anymore, how familiar it all feels while still having the power to make me feel like a beginner every day.



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