Capsule Wardrobe Update: Using a Pro

The box was dragged out, the harem pants were put away. The seersucker shorts stored away until next June.  The sweatshirt dress was hung up. The Austrian wool sweater folded neatly. What once was a horrific tunnel of mess, is now a clean and neat collection of items that all serve a purpose. I now have a color palette… which is so exciting to me (rust, indigo, grey, peach, moss!!) and a range of outfits that go from professional creative to cute grandma farmer.

I replenished my active wear, underwear, added three tee shirts and a cardigan (all for $75 at Joe Fresh- I know…the irony of the grocery store shopping is not lost on me… BUT I needed instant gratification and I got 9 pieces for under $100? You do the math. Also, $3 linen tee shirts? I can’t pass that up). I transitioned rattier looking tanks and tees into my pyjama pile, if not the rag pile and assessed the closet.

I no longer hold onto clothes that reflect who I’d like to be. Instead, I decided and kept the ones who work for who I am right now.

It took 30 minutes.

Joy received from looking at that closet: 9/10

Number of pieces in fall 2015 wardrobe: 31

Ease of getting dressed this week: 10/10

Number of mid-day outfit changes: 0

The benefits of this Capsule Wardrobe thing are too great to boast here, and if you want more info, you can get it over here.

I know it can be daunting to attack on your own, so I thought I’d share a quick story that came to my attention recently.

I have a gorgeous friend who we’ll call Magalie for this purpose. She works in a variety of fields, volunteers and organizes grassroots community events, is a mom and a CEGEP professor. Sarah I mean Magalie loves good quality things, but her wardrobe contained too many pieces that she didn’t wear, were ill fitting or just not right. Like most of us, she shopped the 20% of her closet. Mornings were difficult and the options were sometimes overwhelming.

She threw a tweet out to the universe and enter Christine Richardson.

“I really try hard to tailor my services to be client’s needs. My two most common services are wardrobe reviews and personal shopping, but I would say most new clients end up with a hybrid of the two services. Here’s a little more about each of them:

Wardrobe review: I come to your home and we go through all your clothes. We look at fit and function, look for items we can clear out (I usually bring donations to the women’s Y downtown for their job training program) and pair together new outfits. This is also a good opportunity to come up with a shopping plan and budget for the future and to fill any holes. The price for this service is $150. 

Personal shopping: We meet to discuss your needs and budget then I put together a selection of items for you. Our second meeting in this case would be a fit session after which you can buy what you like. I have worked with all kinds of budgets for this service, the variables being the number of items and the average price per item. This service costs $250. 

Because I have no patience for wastefulness, I really like to see what someone has and whether or not they actually need anything new before buying for them. I usually offer new clients to do a wardrobe review and then if they decide to book a personal shopping session, they pay only the difference of $100.”

Konmari Discard 3

juju sprinkles

Now Magalie has a collection of outfits that work for her, that were there all along, and a list of items she needs to purchase to round out her wardrobe. You can read a bit more about Christine Richardson on her website.

What I love about Magalie is her no bull shit approach to money and the fact that she, with confidence, knows when to invest.

A few years ago, right at the cusp of a difficult time, in one day, I booked three appointments with three different professionals. Over the course of a month, I ran with a running coach, I got treated by a kinesotherapist and I booked a haircut in a new space that turned out to be my forever hair cutting home. I took the leap to place my trust in people around me to help me through some hurdles.

Sarah Magalie knew that turning to a professional would help her solve her wardrobe issues. I knew that by running with a coach, I could work out my kinks and get a new exercise perspective. By using the help of the people around us, we can achieve amazing things.

You might not need a stylist, or a running coach. But asking for help when you need it and surrounding yourself with people who can help, can inspire and are honest with you… that can only help you grow.

People all over are shifting towards using purpose as a compass and making lifestyle decisions that reflect their values.  Everyday you read about businesses making giant shifts, people checking out, entire new communities erecting themselves I’m excited to see where this all goes. What the next big book will be, who the next big thinker will be? How will the wave of freelancers affect the work landscape?

I see I’ve gone off on a deep tangent, but I’m allowing it. It’s all part of the same thing: people want less but more at the same time. Want to connect but disconnect. Want to stick it to the man and get benefits. Want to have mustaches and beards. AT THE SAME TIME.

Ok, now I’ve gone too far off the deep end. Watch this movie and I promise I will stop writing.

Have a great weekend!!



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