Yoga With Adriene: Find What Feels Good

Find What Feels Good - Women's Racerback Tank Top

Ok, so you know when you find something that you didn’t have in your life before and all of sudden you wonder, like really think hard, about how you lived without it?

I feel that way about organic dried apricots, cilantro, dark olives, Netflix, Weber vitamin E…

And Adriene.

I have to give Annabelle all the credit for finding this youtube wonder woman (all I find on youtube is Like A Bus and Honey Badger Don’t Care) oh and all the TERRIBLE guided meditation . I cannot stress how TERRIBLE some of these clips are. It’s like where the worst of Youtube unites to post content.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I needed to refresh my morning routine’s exercise portion. It had been a mix of my 7 minute work out and a series of Sun Salutations, but it wasn’t really doing it for me anymore. Since I knew that Annabelle was practicing yoga on a daily basis with this youtube chick, I reached out to get the name again and all it took was the intro music.

I was hooked.

Forget the fact that she’s super cute, or that she’s fun and non-judgy, or that she talks about hangovers and flies off on tangents. Or that she has awesome clothes. And sometimes looks tired. Forget that she seems genuine and authentic in her messaging. I’ve been doing yoga on and off for 8 years now, and I’ve never gotten the in depth adjustments in ANY class that she provides in the simplest Yoga Foundation videos.

Forget the fact that I did a 9 second headstand today.


And that my posture has been awesome, and that my back doesn’t hurt when I wake up.

This was the first one I practiced along to and loved, and since that morning, I’ve done at least two a day (ok, maybe not weekends… ) The music sends me to a happy place and the pace of the postures is just right for me.

Fucking Warrior Two is still a bitch though. But it has gotten me back to a body awareness that stays with me all day. Going up and down the stairs, walking the dog, bending over. Mixing concrete is now the perfect squat pose that I get to hold for a long long time.

Anyways, you may also feel hesitant to try a youtube yoga video, or maybe you’ve been waiting for the right one. Regardless, I promise that you may have a girl crush on Adriene by the end of your first try.


3 thoughts on “Yoga With Adriene: Find What Feels Good

  1. YAY ADRIENE! I never thought yoga was for me until Adriene! I am so impressed you can do a headstand! Personally, I am thinking I might be able to touch my toes some day… Anyway you are right about physically feeling straighter and stronger, it’s a good feeling to not be sinking into pain all the time.

    1. And what’s great about her is that idea that you don’t need to go the farthest, push your total limits. That you can respect your own pace is something that is spoken of in studios, but rarely practiced. I did Yoga for When You’re Angry and Yoga for Anxiety yesterday and both of those made me feel so comfortable with my own limits. That exercising my physicality doesn’t have to equate with pushing the outter limits of your thresh hold..

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