Coral + Mint + Peach:

Color Palette Dining Room

My absolute favorite part of a design project is the concept. Helping people figure out that issue that most of them have:

I know what I like when I see it


I know what I don’t like, but I don’t know what I do like


I like everything and can’t make a decision

So putting together concept boards using fabrics, materials and wallpapers… mmmmm…. it’s what I could do all day long!! And thankfully, we’ve just picked up 3 new projects that requires just that…

This color palette was put together for the Wilson Project.  We’ve finished up the bulk of the work on the basement and are now attacking the dining room. The walls were painted a wonderful deep coral and we’re in the middle of outfitting the space with curtains, lighting fixtures, upholstered chairs and accessories. This client has a deep love for vintage oddities, so I fit right in with her aesthetic. We spend hours scrolling through Kijiji looking for jewels.

To balance the boldness of the coral, and to complement the neighboring turquoise of the hallway, I knew we needed to go light and airy in order to help lift the saturation of the rest of the house (hello black bedroom and living room!). Thankfully peach and gold were high on the wedding trends on Pinterest and I had no problem finding inspiration images to help translate my vision for the client, who at first thought I was drunk when I sent her my initial fabric choices for the curtains.

I get so much joy from playing with color combinations, in prints, patterns, watercolors, outfits, furniture. Get suck a kick from seeing the dynamism that happens when you put violet next to mustard. This visual experience is so hard to explain that I often wonder if we are all experiencing color in the same way. Do you get as much joy from seeing purple next to red as I do? Does everyone see themselves in the Andes as soon as emerald and orange meet mustard?

Maybe it’s the leaves changing outside and the hundreds of colors that I see every morning, but something is helping me see the shiny and get excited about what was dragging me down just a few weeks ago.

Or maybe it’s just the new car giving me a little more elan… regardless, I’ll take it. Whatever it is.

Happy weekend everybody!


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