Luca’s 8th year

If you need a kid on your team. This is your guy, the one on the right…  he will outrun, outlove, and outperform at every chance.

If you need another Oreo because 3 wasn’t enough, he will give you his. His very last one.

If you needed someone to smash your aquarium at 8am, this is your guy.

If you needed someone to scream for 3 hours in a car, en route back from PEI on a 17 hour drive, I would highly suggest this kid.

If you need someone to well up when you sing Leaving on A Jet Plane, or Boy Names Sue, this guy is for you.

If you needed someone to be the first one down the rapids or the first one up the climbing wall, you might be surprised to also find him to be the first to have anxiety, the first to react and the first to well up in tears.

But if you needed someone to move a mountain for you, to be your cheerleader,  or to help you accept yourself as who you are (tears, tantrums + cuddles, all at once) then this is by far the best person.

This kid has taught me that greatness comes from perseverance and practice. Not by chance, nor by nature. That greatness is not just present in the being the best, it’s the ability to turn things around, to recognize when you’re feeding the problem. To decide to let go of anger. He, this 8 year old, knows how to do that.

He was born on a full moon, cooked inside for 2 weeks longer than anyone really wanted him to, latched on to me for 3 YEARS of constant night terrors, day terrors, terrible twos… bref…  THE WORKS. But then, as by magic, he drew from his well of strength, detached himself and became this mini person that asksa about orphans and homeless people and reflects on how lucky we are to be together. I am so grateful to have him on my team.

So, happy birthday, to the almost Dario, the kid with lashes women would kill for, with  the gentlest and most loving eyes I have ever seen. To the cutest snow white I have ever witnessed.

Don’t ever ride a motorcycle.

xo mama


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