Making Food Easy -ish

Most of the people I meet in Rigaud are transplants from Montreal, Vaudreuil or the West Island.  Save for one family, I’ve met very few people under the age of 60 that can claim roots in Rigaud.

This makes for an interesting population pool, specially when you take into account that half of Rigaud’s population lives in the woods and fields, and the other half  live in a suburb type development. Bref, finding your tribe is a little trickier than say Monkland Village.

I’ve been fortunate to meet two  families, also with three kids, who help split the balance. Part city, part country, they like coffee and chickens and I can have conversations about more than the weather or my kids’ activities.

I’ll take it.

And so, in the midst of a burgeoning friendship, we allied ourselves against the dreaded dinner time.  We threw out recipe ideas, negotiated how to split the grocery list and settled on our first day of cooking. It turned out to be so nice and helpful that we immediately scheduled our next date and on we went batch cooking, thus filling the freezer and fridge.

Our model is that we get together at the same house (not mine, what with the lacking sink and counter…. ) and we have a set menu and grocery list sent out the week prior to our meeting (see above!).  What was originally something that was purely practical, turned out to be a great way to spend the day communally cooking and sharing tasks. This really simplifies the week when a spouse is absent, or  when you’re on the verge of a collapse. And it’s also a great way to get to know people, or share time with someone you’re already close with. Everyone can benefit from a couple of extra meals in the fridge.

Who wants to spend a day alone making meatballs? Not this girl. And so at our last get together, we made 60 meatballs, 36 waffles (Rosie ate my 12), 1 liter of soup, a crock pot meal (mine was terrible) and a vat of spaghetti sauce.

The joy that I got from pulling out something ready made for supper urged me on to continue my ahead of time food prep and I’ve dedicated the last 3 Sunday afternoons to meal  prep, making soup, lentils, shepherd’s pies and roasting vegetables for an early week kick start.

By Monday 4pm, when I stick the ready-made shepherd’s pie in the oven, I am my own goddess.

So will this aptitude for organization stick? Probably not, but I’ll enjoy it while I can until I get thrown off my own bandwagon.

The Fall Soup is from Brown Eggs and Jam Jars by Aimee W.Bourque

The Meatballs and Bolognese are Marcella Hazan from Classic Italian Cooking

The Waffles are my own crazy concoction

The Crock Pot Dish is from Ricardo’s Crock Pot Book.

Liste Ingredients Repas 2


6 thoughts on “Making Food Easy -ish

    1. That was the carrot soup we used for the first round of food! So good!
      The chicken cacciatore recipe from Ricardo slow cooker is the best (and only really good) of my
      Slow cooker attempts.

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