When All You Need Is Less Clothing

Hi Y’all.

It’s another week, and I had promised to keep things light hearted over here, so I spruced up the WP Theme, which I dislike intensely, blogged about parenting (snooze) and wrote about meal planning and organization in the kitchen and well, haven’t meal planned my week AND we have two strike days this week.


For the most part, I have completely ignored the world of beauty blogs, probably because my feelings about the beauty industry are mixed and in general not awesome. More and more, I feel like we are pervasively and aggressively  preyed upon to buy into the system and not be happy with our bare skin (See, I totally kept my promise of not getting into the heavy stuff!). I can even go as far as saying that since having moved to the country, my time spent in front of mirrors has drastically reduced, and I have a far more healthier relationship with my face appearance than before. This evidence has been corroborated with my neighbour who also admits to being less vane since moving out here and the fact that I have almost stopped grooming my brows.

Yes Justine, it’s true. I’m sorry.


(will there ever be a post when I don’t totally derail? I hope not)

For my friends still on the border of embracing the Capsule Wardrobe (I still can’t stop looking at mine), I found this great beauty vlogger that vlogs and blogs (try saying THAT 3 times after 2 glasses of wine) over (way too many Vs in this sentence) at ViviannaDoesMakeup.Com.

Anna has an aesthetic that is totally approachable and a home that looks normal, and a wardrobe that is normal.  She’s normal. And she makes videos. AND this specific video is about her own CAPSULE WARDROBE… that’s right.

Let’s watch a video!! (feels like I’m a teacher grasping to fill a 2 hour lecture!)

So take 10 minutes, put your phone away and play on my friends….

If you are a Lively Show Listener – pause to say that the last few guests since the big Liz Gilbert show (awesome btw) have left me feeling a little void of her usual compelling content and looking elsewhere for my usual lifts. unpause-  you will recognize Anna from last week’s show. I totally urge you to stop by her channel and waste more time, because if you’re going to waste time anyways, you might as well do it on stuff that’s actually kind of good and well produced, with a fun Bri-ish accent to boot!



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