I owned Drew Barrymore’s Running Shoes


True Story.

She stayed at the hotel during the Confessions of a Dangerous Mind filming back in 2003. She was lovely, and much smaller than I had imagined. When she checked out, her assistant offered me her extra pair of runners.

I took them despite the fact that they were a half size too small. 25065522

I don’t know if you know this, but my friend Angelique INTERVIEWED GARANCE FUCKING DORE about her new book over on her amazingly cute blog called Cozy Sweater Cafe… It also happens that she interviewed yours truly (you can read it here.. cough cough…)


editors letter no 13 love style life laduree garance dore photos

{Garance Dore}


And so, through all that, I discovered that Drew has written and is now promoting her latest memoir! Anyways, I watched this interview, scrolled through her IG stream and guys, she’s still so awesome. Guys, scroll back up.. is that not the best cover photo ever? So she’s maybe made one too many movies with Adam Sandler, but girl’s gotta finance her all natural beauty company somehow?And her line of eyewear.

Am I right? I am.

With that, watch the Garance Dore interview WITH Drew Barrymore and dare not to melt.



8 thoughts on “I owned Drew Barrymore’s Running Shoes

  1. OKAY that is a great cover. Also I never knew you had her shoes! The connection runs deep between you two. Sole-sisters.

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