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Guys, I’ve worn eye make up for two days in a row, and let me tell ya that on this gray Monday morning, I am so thrilled to be dressed like a winter hobo with coconut oil slathered on my lids!

The tree is up, the week is full… I’m trying to balance taking it one hour at a time, as to not slip down the vortex of worrying too much about the future. Which is where I spend most of my time. Somewhere in the real of all the stuff that could happen. It’s not the best place, so I’ve got some tools to help me stay away from that cloud of What Ifs…

And reading is my Number One. Without it, I feel like I’m not quite well. And with that, these are the books on my radar. That I’ll probably text you a photo of and pester you to read:

I’ve read the top two and have the last two on order at the library, I’m slightly obsessed with memoirs as of late, and Mary Karr specifically. I had the misfortune of picking up a mediocre novel right after finishing Lit.  My reaction to the poor quality of the writing was visceral and I quickly realized that for better or worst, Mary Karr in less than 300 pages had raised my standard for quality literature by two notches.

Miranda July’s first novel landed itself on a whole bunch of Best Of Lists for 2015, while her stuff isn’t always my cup of tea, I’m interested in reading.

House in The Sky is a must read, like MUST READ IMMEDIATELY, while difficult emotionally.

And Mary Louise Parker’s Dear Mr You was heavily supported by Mary Karr and simply by symbiosis, I will need to read it. Along with the entire Mary Karr repertoire.

Additionally, Cheryl Strayed just released a book of quotes, Brenee Brown’s Rising Strong is on that list too, as is Jonathan Franzen’s Purity.

What are you guys reading?


8 thoughts on “This is your brain on books

  1. I’m reading the Elena Ferrante Neapolitain series — Italian novelist, about female friendship, crazy good so far! I am equally loving Liane Moriarty books, Big Little Lies and Husband’s Secret, very enjoyable and way better than titles suggest.

  2. You might like The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks. I had to return it without finishing since it was a 7 day book. It describes the beauty of nature, the farm and hard work. And there are sheep too.
    I’m now reading a memoir by 97 yr old Diana Atwill, Alive Alive Oh. I need inspiration for my 90’s.
    Thanks for your recommendations – like you I am discouraged by poor writing and I’m always looking for a well crafted compelling story.

  3. Oh, and I just finished MLP’s book (good), Gilbert’s Big Magic (good), Strayed’s quote book (sorry but the name just flew out of my head – I enjoyed it) & am now reading The M Train by Patti Smith. Great to find other readers here!

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