Pantone Color of The Year: DISCUSS

It’s here! We are proud to announce the Pantone #ColoroftheYear for 2016 is #RoseQuartz & #Serenity:

The pink? Love it.

The top 10 colors for spring 2016, according to Pantone - get info on them here:

love all of them. Maybe not the Green Flash, but then again, I can be convinced of almost anything.

Overalls anyone?


rose quartz colored door / sfgirlbybay

via pompei

Blush pink tiles look modern and spa-like when paired with minimal fixtures and wood accents.:

via tumblr

via pantone


None of this surprising, if any of you have perused anything bridal related in the last 4 years.

I’m still unsure about how I feel regarding Pantone and the Color of The Year, but I get excited every time and this year, at least it’s a color that I can confidently stand behind, unlike last year’s disastrous Marsala incident.

I’m interested in hearing about what you guys think. We’ve all painted over pink tiles… would it be terrible to bring them back?



7 thoughts on “Pantone Color of The Year: DISCUSS

  1. Show me a pink tile that has aged well. Come ON! Also how can I get a job naming colors? Snorkel Blue? I never knew the ACTION of a thing could have a color. Knee-bend green? Ski White? Shoveling Brown? Somebody hire me already!

  2. I remember something very red in your past but I think of you as a pink person Em. I see this pink as the ideal mate for bare concrete.

    1. To tell the truth, I’ve always been slightly embarrassed about my love for pink. But fuschia has been my spirit color for as long as I can remember. And HUZZAH to light pink and concrete… that’s an amazing combo!

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