Wishing and Wantinh

(Rosie bombed!)

Guys, there’s so much I want to say!!

I want to complain about the fact that I bought a $100 turkey that doesn’t fit in my oven. 

I want to extol the virtues of long walks in solitude 

I want to say that 2016 is going to be filled with newness 

I want to trademark #goodenoughchristmas , the mantra I repeated for the last 4 days 

I urge you, nay force you, to try the carrot poutine from this: 

I want to brag about my new black overalls (you look like the people that work at Reno depot, said the kids). 

I want to let go of all the things that aren’t serving me and enjoy the ride. 

I want to hug strangers and tell them about the bald eagle I saw this morning, because that shit is awesome.

I want to write thank you cards to all of you who actually read these posts and who encourage me to write the stuff that feels the hardest.

I want to wish you all some peace in 2016 and remind you of the following: 

                         YOU ARE GOOD 

                         YOU ARE LOVE 

                         YOU ARE POWERFULL 

                         YOU ARE ABUNDANCE 

                         YOU HAVE VALUE 

                         YOU HAVE PURPOSE 
                          ALL IS WELL 


p.s bodysuits are making a comeback, you heard it here first.  






10 thoughts on “Wishing and Wantinh

    1. Yes Chan!! Wherever you are, it’s good enough!
      I am the mom who, in a total fit of anger, resentment, sadness end disappointment THREW OUT Christmas breakfast (Pyrex and all) in front of everyone, I’ve blocked out what I actually said (merry fucking Christmas to MEEEEEEEEE, rings a bell).
      Awesome, right? I think it was Pia’s first Christmas. Gah, I hate that I did that, but now I remember it as the thing I don’t want to do. Any Christmas where the breakfast makes it to the table is now a good one!
      Lowered expectations 🙂
      Merry Christmas Channy!

  1. So many fucking hours to plan and prepare, over in less than 15 gawd-d minutes! There was about a 2 second pause before the ‘what was on the list that didn’t make it under the tree’ list was being created. Good enough sounds about right.

    I actually ask for an got time to run today. ME! I still totally want an ‘I hate running’ t-shirt to wear on my runs. Thanks you! You gave me the gift of run. *RUN not THE RUNS! Very different sort of running that you would never give me*

    Wait till that snow comes. I’ll be txting out of the blue that we’re going skiing and coming over after to eat and drink at your place.


    1. Or what about the comment that there was nothing from Santa’s List under the tree? Urgh. Beer Please.

      I had a total moment yesterday when I realized that since the kids have been off school, maintaining my own self care has been a real struggle. So yes, I asked for a 20 minutes of peace to meditate (which ended up happening outside by the river bank- kinda cold on my bum).

      THE SNOW CAME!!! Come anytime 🙂

  2. I give myself a break when Christmas cooking goes wrong. It’s Christmas! This year the scalloped potatoes were undercooked and the chocolate mousse didn’t set. Disaster?
    Not really, I was with Don, my boys and their lovely wives. And I didn’t have to do dishes since I was at my son’s house. All is bright.
    Enjoy your family Em. Happy new year!

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