I’m stealing a few minutes while the boys bring in the wood. The turkey (or half turkey butchered by yours truly) is in the oven and I’m about to receive two lovely families.

2015, if I think about it, was a game changing year for us, and for me in my own growth. I tuned into an awareness and while I’m not sure where it will lead me, I can’t help by follow it. The Holidays are hard times, and my mindfulness may have waned, read- disappeared as I wolfed down 5 meatballs, washed down with a can of Pilsner- but at least I tried to embrace myself rather than reproach myself. Something that I would never known to do last year.

2015 in some weird way, has brought me closer to so many people, despite my growing geographical distance.  I think  because I’m further, it means the contact I do end up having feel more meaningful.

And so.

I keep prompting myself to answer this New Year’s Resolution thing and I come up empty handed. There’s so much hype around rebuilding yourself and becoming the New You in January. The planners (I’ve done a lot of work on mine), the new methods, the new challenges ahead are all fun and inspiring, but I can’t shake the idea that who you are on the 31st is no good, needs to be thrown in the garbage and re-invented. Extreme, I know, but you get my point, right? Why do we have to lose the Good Enough attitude?

Adriene says it perfectly :

It is a new year – but perhaps instead of NEW you – we can aim to get to the TRUE you. 

In the New Year…

Love your body – and love your damn self.

Maybe it’s long overdue?

Only you know. 

I say, it’s time.

And so this year, there’s no major resolution, maybe a reminder that this is a year of Action and Progress, and here are some ideas that I’ve had about how to implement little things into my life that can help me learn.

I’ve signed up for an online workshop, something that I kinda cringe about when I try to intellectualize it, but that deep down I really enjoy.

Dare to try new things (eat mayonnaise?) and be ok with letting them go if they’re not for me.

Get more comfortable with rejection, by putting my art and my writing out there, in some capacity

Implementing actions that further my values: re-drafting my morning routine is an example

Embracing more opportunities for connecting with my friends and community. I know I really thrive after a good dinner with girls, a great phone chat or impromptu teas with locals… and so without over doing it, I want to make more of those things happen.


If you feel compelled to share things you want to connect to this year,  post a comment! I love how engaged the comment section has become- thank you for taking the time to humour me!


oh and I might just go ahead and give the pastel pink hair a go…









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