Was there a Best Dressed?

Well, you’re gonna have to read all the way down to the bottom.

All together, the show was a surprise to me (read, I had completely forgotten about awards, movies or celebrities for a few weeks there), I was pleasantly surprised that a) I could get my antennae to catch a signal and b) the kids watched with me and didn’t ruin the whole thing, despite them asking who was Oscar and what had he won. They loved Ricky Gervais and thought all his testicle jokes were hilarious. Pia and Luca giggled uncontrollably at all the VERY revealing necklines (dude, that’s a thing that you can’t pull off in real life. Even Bruno enjoyed himself.

(Lady Gaga, maybe the new Liza Minelli? Maybe? Also, I want to watch Mozart in The Jungle.)

Fashion? Meh?

In no particular order…

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton

(I don’t know who this person is, but I like the white, the pleats and the ruffle neck and shoulders)

Melissa McCarthy

Guys, this dress is kinda awesome. The drape and the reflective sequins work really well together and kinda screams FUCK YOU AND YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS, which I love. So Yay for Melissa. I LOATHE the slit on the front however. There was no need for that.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

Guys, honestly. That sheer detail? That killer hair? The amazing shoulders? The basic cool factor of owning the grey? This woman is untouchable. This dress is killer.

Kristen Dunst in Valentino

Maybe this is a fancy pinney… but I love it. I love velvet and I love the shape of those shoulders. Velvet… mmmmmm… it reminds me of Axl Rose and the early 90s.  I had a purple velvet jumper, something I had stolen from my mother’s wardrobe that I wore for most of 1991.

America Ferrera in Jenny Packham

Love me some mustard… and the collar neck. I love a good and interesting neckline. And pleats- sucker for pleats. Maybe I would have prefered a velvet ribbon (read the Kirsten Dunst photo)

Annabelle is rolling her eyes, as she sees this. BUT I LOVE JULIANNE MOORE! She usually defaults for jewel tones, but if I had that colored, dude, I would do the same. I love the deep indigo, the neckline (a bit too futuristic, but I’ll take it) and the length.

Cate Blanchett

EEEEEEEEK! So this may not be something that you’d want to wear to a cocktail party, but dude, if you’re going to push the boundaries, this is how. Fringe, Rose Quartz (our color of the year), that Art Nouveau detailing? Aaaaaaahhh, it’s so pretty.

Kate Hudson in Michael Kors

Hell yes. Pretty Sure she stole this from her mom, but I love that it’s such a Kate Hudson dress- makes sense that she flaunts her core what with her fitness line..

Rachel McAdams

Finally!  A print! MORE PRINTS ON DRESSES PLEASE! And I love the drape and the asymmetry.

Maura Tierney: Glasses and draped bust for the win!

And so, was there a bet dressed? What do you think? I think Helen Mirren takes the prize for Sunday, but I haven’t seen the party photos.. so I might change my mind.


6 thoughts on “Was there a Best Dressed?

  1. Alicia Vikander’s best accessory was Michael Fassbender and I agree mostly with all these choices – Please let me age exactly like Mirren, just WOW and I EVEN liked Julianne Moore.

    But Kate Hudson? She looks like she drowned in a Britney Spears themed 90’s rave.

    Normally a Cate fan, I thought Cate’s dress looked so much better later in photos/inside then the glimpses I got initially on the red carpet. It’s growing on me.

    WHERE IS JLO? WHERE? Come on! GOOP CAPE PLUS JLO CAPE = RED CARPET DREAM TEAM. I feel the absence of this cape is a little hostile, no?

    ps. Kirsten Dunst dress makes me regret having children. Totally great dress.

    1. Re. Kate Hudson: Dude, it wasn’t so much that I loved her dress, but I LOVED that it was so Kate Hudson… like you know when Helena Bonham Carter wears weird shit? It’s not that I like it, it’s just that I like that they are 100% true to themselves.
      The better question is WHY IS KATE HUDSON THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE? b/c I’m pretty sure she doesn’t act anymore, amiwrong?
      Also, 1 glass of wine with dinner #totalmess

      1. I agree on the WHY? Like Kate Bosworth? What has she done since Blue Crush? (Not that I am knocking that movie because I love that movie — but one can only ride that wave for so long!) At least Hudson has her FABLETICS line and How to lose a guy in 10 days does stand the test of time (I tested it before the holidays).

  2. I think the comments between you and Annabelle should be a separate blog. Love reading them! Makes me smile all the time.

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