Ban.Do Fun

work it out gym bag - after this we're getting pizza

Creative Spirit Animal, is the proper term to describe Jen Gotch of I heard her interviewed on a handful of podcasts and immediately after, I became obsessed with Rose Water. Some of you remember my failed experiment.

Into her fourties, she is the Pink Hair Icon of Los Angeles who, as she leads her once-not-so- successful now-turned-into a multi million dollar accessory company, she glitters her walls and is taking “Chill Pill” to a whole new level. With a mean entourage of cool chicks in the design world, like her, and her and her… and her, this circle of femmepreneurs all have serious business going down.

Gotch’s own creative path was not paved with ease, you can read about it here, but her addictive glitter factory explosion aesthetic is quickly becoming a west coast “thing”. I sound really un-cool.

I thought I’d share a little something to color bomb your day! After a bout of insane insomnia (they sound alike, don’t they?)… I’ve fueled myself with too much coffee and delicious avocado toast. I’m off to the big city for a potential new CORPORATE client! Whoa?

Indeed, things are moving along quite nicely chez Artmann Villedary Interiors, and if everything stays on course, we should have a re-launch of some sort in the spring time (complete with PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS), to celebrate our 3 year anniversary.

Being in this business is tough shit, it requires so many skill sets and flexibility and it would be a total lie to say that I haven’t wanted to quite like a million times, this week only.

But I don’t, for some weirdo reason.

So who knows, maybe by the time I’m in my deep fourties, I’ll have my pink hair and still be convincing people that white doesn’t necessarily make everything look bigger.

Ciao ladies




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