Art for Lovers: Pardon my Brevity


 Advice From My 80 Year Old Self was released by Chronicle on Monday (read  here). In a tragic story, the book was published posthumous, the young artist passed away suddenly before Christmas. She was also pregnant with twins.  Guys, Susan O’Malley is a big deal. To say the least.  Dig around her website, look at her installations and behold that this is a huge story, from a huge contemporary artist.

For so long I’ve asked myself the question are quotes super self-indulgent? I love them, but have always felt guilty about it. But through finding this, I think I’ve answered that question, easily.

They are not. Context and Intention is what matters, and publishing and creating quotes, within the right context, can be powerfully uplifting. Printed on a throw cushion, on a bus stop, sure beats a billboard for something we don’t need.




2 thoughts on “Art for Lovers: Pardon my Brevity

  1. LOVE the quotes! So sad she died so young last February (?), with twins! I think I need to include reading a few quotes in my morning routine!! Art Before Dishes – brilliant! Time to clean out the art room… 😉

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