Keystone Habits


Layla Holzer via Jealous Curator
So yes, I know, I know,  habits are a classic January topic, but still, pardon how common this subject is and entertain me for awhile..

So I shared with you guys you fear of accountability, and as predicted, my daily calligraphy challenge has kinda withered sadly, like grocery store flowers in old water.


There’s this chart.

It’s something that I’ve added to my planner and while if course the intention was to have crossed off marks in every category, every day, the revised approach is simply to watch.

Watch what I have an easy time doing, and what I can’t seem to do as regularly.

And it’s actually made things a bit easier for my self-imposed torture of negative self-talk .  And I plan to add this page for every month and adjust the habits according to whatever I want to work on. Inevitable the balance always tips in one direction!

What’s been easiest: calligraphy at the beginning of the month, And as of This week, it’s been early waking.

What’s been hardest: mindful eating by far. Also, a hard hard IG addiction.

What’s next: figuring out how to not totally resent my role of ‘happiness, cleanliness and pancake + laundry’ provider in for the small inhabitants of my house.

I’m taking any advice!

Revision: so I’ve realized that my keystone habits to ensure that I have higher chance of getting the other things done are the following:

1-sleep: getting to bed by 9h30

2-laying my workout clothes out the night before: means that I don’t find any extra excuses and I can just fly on auto-pilot in the morning

3-no alcohol: this is a tough one, but I find that alcohol, although I’m pretty moderate in my consumption already, acts as a hinderer of the above-mentioned practices. It throws off my sleep big time and my eating becomes mindless instead of mindful. And then nothing good can really come of that. So yeah, if I do indulge on a friday night, aka beers and nachos, I can allow it, but with an awareness of its impact.

Also I’m 98 years old.


9 thoughts on “Keystone Habits

  1. I love that picture! And I love, love, love charts. I love to see accomplishments charted out! Love! As for What’s next? I’m opening two bottles of wine and diving in! xoc

  2. Interesting to look at a habit tracker chart…
    Does IG affect your negative self-talk, is there any correlation? I am experimenting with deleting one social media for a month and seeing how everything else changes as a result.

    I know it’s hard, but when my mind goes to resentment and anger about my single parent duties etc. I really try to repeat it over and over in my head, that this won’t last forever. There will be an end to it at some point, right?

    Maybe there are some habits that we want to do better etc., but maybe they just aren’t what we need or really want in the end? If it’s so hard to make it a habit, maybe it’s not going to work for you in the end anyway… It’s not the right habit for you (?) Not sure…

    p.s Do the whole life challenge with me! 😉

    1. Facebook was my worst, it made me question my every move, to like, not to like, to respond, to not respond? IG is my source of beauty… it doesn’t affect my Self, because I use it as a means of doing research and inspiration. I feel like it’s a much less involved platform because you’re not friends necessarily with the people you follow (at least for the large part, I`m not!). And you’re totally right on about trying really hard to make something happen when it’s really not happening, despite you doing your dangest to force it! For me it’s sleep, exercise, art, meditation (although the art IS a meditation for me… something I’m trying to discuss in my next post!).

      1. I totally get that about FB and IG – I guess for me it’s a balance between distraction and getting something from it. I question it so often, I’ve tried deleting both FB and IG. Glad that IG is such a positive part of your life and not affecting your Self.
        And art is definitely meditation. I need both of those and more sleep in my life! Your watercolors are a wonderful revelation! and are Picasso in mood for me! LOVE.

  3. Just on Tiffany’s last note about the idea that trying to form some habits… and they never take. For the last two weeks I have tried to get up earlier than normal and failed every day save for one day, where E decided to join me downstairs (where normally I have to drag them out of bed) and that just created a world of cranky resentment. SO even though I said I give up, I really give up this time. I’m just going to say no to early waking and the idea of that person who gets up early, has that time, and feels totally ready to greet the day.

    The idea of the habit tracker (as you’ve put up here) is very cool and Very Accountable – really sheds light on where it’s easy and where it’s hard! Very interesting. I *might* try it, although I might also just go back to bed for 10 more minutes?

    1. hahaha, snooze just once more? The snooze went off for like an hour today, and I wish I wasn’t exagerating!
      I toe the line very dangerously between self-acceptance and self-criticism, cue Emeline Runner, so yeah, giving up is hard, and beating yourself up is even harder. But I was still under the impression that you HAD given up months ago! When you were fueled by Gretchen!
      And this is just to stir the pot, but I bet a hefty amount of money that if you NEEDED to get up for work or other external responsibility (gold star yay!) You would be able to do it no problem.
      For me, I’ve embraced the fact that I’m not a consistent person. There is NOTHING I can do for 30 days straight, without wavering. NOT ONE THING, maybe except sleep and pee.

      Also, I want to say how much I love that you guys take the time to comment and that we can have a discussion… it’s really heartwarming.

  4. HA! That happened the one time I actually got up early – Ethan came to sit beside me as I was *trying* to meditate. I think I have decided to give up on the early morning thing, and stop thinking I am bad for it! Ethan wakes as soon as I get up to go pee in the morning… ! But I did try last night to take a bath with candles before bed (which felt like I was *trying* rather than natural, but I did love the candles!). And I’m not a bath person – but in my head I think I need to be if I want to relax properly before bed.
    I’m afraid the habit tracker might make me feel worse if I actually see it on paper.
    Do what you can, when you can, to feel better. Stop with the ‘should’ is my goal!

  5. Two things:
    you are a creative person in so many ways, writing, drawing, photos, etc. It’s your personality and the way your mind works. (I admire your Chart technical handwriting skill too.)
    With your permission I would like to send the David Hall paragraph to him. I saw him yesterday and it’s so rewarding for teachers hear about the impact of their moments with special students.

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