Magic Friday 

I don’t know what it is about today, but I can feel the magic all around. 

Maybe it was the Seth Godin talk I listened to yesterday, or the sewing class I taught at LCC. Or maybe it’s partly due to my newest endeavour, The Artist’s Way. 

The ice that coats the mountain refracts the light in a way that makes it look like a giant crystal. 

And I like it. 

This week was tough. It was challenging to be. It felt like a waste of energy to listen to myself. 

I made the mistake of recording a Sun Salutation, which revealed a nice alignment and immensely improved form. But all I could see were the volumes of my body, those that I am unaware of in my day to day. 

Because even on a bad day, I’m pretty sure I look like Beyoncé. 

But I don’t want to hang onto that today. Today is to pretty to waste on hang ups and things that don’t matter. 

Enjoy today my friends! And to totally steal   YWA’s prose: 

Thank you for showing up. You motivate me to share the stuff that feels so dark and sticky, the stuff that clogs my brain and my heart. 

And not all posts sound like this, but today, it needed to. 

So be it. 



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