Thank Gawd it’s the 90s: Spring Wardrobe Wishing

Ryder was the ultimate '90s "It" Girl. In the early part of the decade, she scored a number of roles in cult-classic films, including Edward Scissorhands and Reality Bites, and her tomboyish style quickly caught the public's attention. Her raven pixie cut and all-black red-carpet ensembles became her signatures. Plus, it didn't hurt that she had Johnny Depp on her arm for a number of years. Say it with us: Winona forever.:

Annabelle… is that you?

I had a dance party to  Surfer Rosa on Sunday. I was sweeping the kitchen, enjoying it for once. I spun around and jump kicked to Frank and Kim and I loved the 90s in that moment. As I do almost every moment.

There are thousands of awesome 90s revival posts out there. Go google it and watch an hour evaporate. It’s totally worth it, if only for the photos of Gwynneth smoking. And everyone else smoking too. It’s really NOT a surprise that we all grew up smoking, when Courtney Love was our spokesperson.

Drew Barrymore.:

Last week I saw a teenager wearing a velvet choker and I almost choked on my own smugness, even more so when I glanced down and saw the cherry Doc Martens. That’s when the Jugo Juice came back up through my nose.

And next to her was another teenager, gendered male, sporting a blue turtleneck tucked into high waisted ROLLED CUFFED JEANS. Without the slightest Normcore irony. It was just cool.



In the 90s, I got to wear my mother’s purple velvet jumper dress over turtlenecks. I wore my Kickers or my Doc Martens, and I dreamed of layering tanks like Cher.

The supermodel era, the small floral sundress era, the more hair accessories than actual hair era.

I loved the nineties and to see it called vintage, well that makes me happy. Somewhat. I had put the fashion of the 70s on a pedestal and tried to snap up any piece I could out of my mother’s wardrobe and maybe Pia will do the same.

Garofalo in "Reality Bites" , basically sums up my thoughts on style since high school. <3:

Ethan Hawke just wrote a parenting book

I’m looking forward to jean shorts and small print florals for spring capsule. Oversized cardigans and ruffles? Check, they actually never left my wardrobe from 2001.

Other Trends: 70s suede, bare shoulders (so dumb), slip dresses (for you Honay!), paperbag waists (for nobody other than Kate Moss), white shirts (for the childless), netting (for that rave you’re going to) and Spanish stuff to pretend you’re exotic (I’ll take Tribal Bohemia for 400). Heeled or flat mules (I`ll take the velvet slipper from last year, or my suede clogs), mules are kinda  annoying, but I have some from my grade 8 prom in 1992 (little print floral sundress), so who knows… they might pop out of the costume bin for a bit this summer, they are fuschia.

For more official recaps, please read on:

Elle’s Recap



If you’re looking for good indie brands, check this blog out.

I think next week, I’ll crack open my bin of clothes for the summer and see what I need. I know for sure, I need a relax short dress with pockets, kinda like an apron,  but one that you wear with underwear. JEAN SHORTS, I can’t WAIT to cut into some good denim, raglan sleeve tee, boxy tee, floral tee and maybe two more skirts: one short, on long.

oh and just for fun…

Georgia O'Keeffe, portrait by Alfred Stieglitz, 1918:

Georgia O`Keeffe by Stieglitz

And you guys, anything you’re particularly excited to wear?


5 thoughts on “Thank Gawd it’s the 90s: Spring Wardrobe Wishing

  1. I choose not to remember the baby tees, short enough to show the band of my Calvin Kleins sticking out of my jeans… my pointy doc martens (only I could pick out the non cool ones…)

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