One Year of Wellness: Part 1


What sets apart a good week from a bad one?

Well, there are no-brainer elements that can influence the outcome. Some are totally out of your control: changes of schedules, sick kids, terrible weather, car issues, broken limbs, HORMONES.

While others lie within reach.

Our rational parts of the brain know what those are: clean house, bills sorted, fridge full and clean, laundry folded and homework/calendar checked.

One year ago, I broke my arm. You can read all about how it affected me  here and  here . And consequently, one year ago, I also started my morning routine. . As my habits of self-care have developed, I find it easier to set aside time to take care of the things I know will make the rest easier. It’s like lining up my ducks, whatever that means.

So in the first installment of my one year of wellness week, I’ll take about my favorite thing: FOOD.

Meal Preparation:

If you click any of the links above, or if you know me at all, you’ll know that food is a huge part of my life and background. In the past year, I’ve worked hard at attaining a more accepting relationship to food, and while there have been some rough patches (oh hello, past two weeks) I’ve been gentler with myself when I sway away from a nourishing perspective. Being a grown up is SO FUN, right?

Anyways, Meal Preparation…


This tool is indispensable for me. It has *almost* become a no-brainer to wrap a few sweet potatoes in foil and bake them alongside a roast. Two cups of brown rice, a cup of lentils and a pan of broccoli+ cauliflower go a long way around here, it’s a good thing I don’t tire of food repetition. This is about enough food for my breakfasts and my lunches for the week (supplemented by poached eggs, baby spinach, sourdough bread and/or avocado).  On top of actually providing nutrition, the presence of these prepared ingredients provides peace of mind and one less reason for my brain to freak out on me.

If I’m feeling extra adventurous or generous with my time, I’ll make some sweet potato bear paws (everyone hates them, but I feel good baking them), some Brazilian black beans or ratatouille.  But this week, since we’re handing off the kids and tag teaming the whole parenting thing, I’ve limited myself to the rice, the lentils and the roasted veggies (tomatoes, asparagus and zucchini).

For the extra hour a week it takes (after assessing how much time I waste on IG, I can definitely spare an hour) I’m happy to dirty the extra dishes (hell yes DISHWASHER). Added bonus? I just throw the pans with lids directly in the fridge- no tupperware to deal with.

And so, I’m not at the point where I’m making meals ahead of time, but least I know I’ve got myself covered. Sadly, my kids aren’t awesome enough to eat lentils (they are awesome in other ways, mind you, just not the food stuff) but I’m hoping that by watching me EVERY DAY, one day they’ll wake up and realize how delicious they are. Also, you can make lentil poutine people. LENTIL POUTINE.

sheet veg3

{not lentil poutine, but ingredients you can add to lentil poutine… have I mentioned that Rigaud has the cheese place that makes the curds, you can buy them anywhere in town. Even at the dry cleaner’s and the garage*.}

So what about you… how do you make sure you’re nourishing yourself during the week? What tips do you have to share that come from your kitchen?



*I made that up, they are available at deps, gas stations and grocery stores



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