One Year of Wellness Part 2


Dum dum dum

MORNING HABITSOh exercise… how you torture me and love me at the same time. I ran half my regular distance on Friday and I still can’t go up and down the stairs without looking like a cowboy. You can read about the torture and the glory over here and here.

Things have shifted a bit on the exercise front. And since being sick back in February, I have had a challenging time re-integrating it in my routine. The 7 Minute Workout (which is still awesome) that I was doing daily, now happens weekly… :/

Globally though, there has been a positive change. A focus on moving daily, instead of checking off the 3x30minutesweekly business became the goal. Smaller, more incremental changes that benefit overall health, and not weight loss, or goal achievement. And my girl Adriene really rocked the exercise front this year (Also, her newsletters are like warm postcards from your Granny- but not mine, ’cause she was mean.)

There she is… so happy and cute. And it’s thanks to her that I can do…



{I know it looks like I’m against the wall, but I’m nooooooot!}


That’s all that has transpired on the exercise front.. My routine (when it’s done at all) includes a few sun salutations, 10 push ups, some ab stuff, squats, lunges and jumping jacks. Probably 15 minutes all together, and then I walk the dog for 30 minutes.

If I can get that done 5x week, I’m golden.

Aaaaaaaand… BREAKING NEWS! Starting this week, I’ll be attending the local zumba class. Yes, you read right. Zumba. We’ll see, I’m sure it’ll be half humiliating, half hilarious… which is why I decided to do it anyways… in the Artist’s Way she asks you to include things in your life that you wish had more of, and dance is one of those thing. Have I told you about my ballet jazz recital at Place des Arts? The first time I got to wear make up, AND wear a bat costume at the same time? It was this 9 year old’s dream come true and my secret is out. I LOVE DANCING.

So zumba? I’m taking the two birds, one stone approach. Plus, there aren’t many adult dance classes round here. It’s an experiment and it’s good to try new things. Have I convinced you me yet?

(p.s I found this blog while searching for cool dancing pics and I sat down and read her posts- dudes, she’s hilarious!) Below is the photo I stole from her, which is duly credited to Google:

Dancing, Boston Public Library.:

{boston public library image bank}

So now your turn… what are your exercise habits these days? What new things are you loving? What are the things that you’ve loved as a child that are now absent in your life?




4 thoughts on “One Year of Wellness Part 2

  1. Whaaaatttt! You are upside down!! Craaaaazy! I need to get there… I am trying to do yoga daily in the morning, before and after meditation. I also add about 5-10 min at the end of every weight training workout that I do during my lunch hour. Helps so much to relax and calm me down midday. I will be starting a private yoga session at home this weekend – so I can’t wait to see what that brings me! I hope to be able to do it either weekly or bi-weekly. And another part of my daily routine that I have been told to add (given my dosha personality) – laugh several times daily. Pretty sure that is something that I need to work on -and likely happened much more as a child! I want to dance more too – I am thinking something like Tango or Salsa.. if I can ever find the time!! I can’t wrap my head around the Zumba classes…
    Great seeing you yesterday! xo

    1. i need to laugh too! I think we all do! It’s all so serious all the time! That sounds like a very intentional plan.. I bet you’ll be upside down tomorrow… it’s MUCH easier than I though. She has a whole tutorial on how to get up there!
      and yesterday was lovely, as usual!

  2. This post is for me! I’m in BC and need a yoga session. Thank you! Life saver!!!! Dance/Zumba. You are so brave. Some of the most humiliating moments of my life that Zumba.


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