One Year of Wellness: Part 3

jim morrison2

Meditation and Self Exploration.

This is a huuuuuuuuuge one for me. It’s the game changer of all habits, some people argue it’s the key to the universe, it was definitely pivotal for me.

It’s also the fucking hardest thing to do. Ever.

In this house, with these kids of mine, and that terrible dog who barks. all.the.time… it’s nearly impossible to carve out time that isn’t 4am when you can meditate for a full 20 minutes. If it doesn’t happen before sunrise, it ain’t happening at all.

Thankfully, the beauty of meditation is that once accessed, it can be re-visited even when you’re not in a deep trance. Every breath can be a meditation. Every step.

So if you haven’t been on the bandwagon, I encourage you to find 10 minutes… TEN MINUTES, that’s all it takes and follow along with Headspace or Deepak or just sit alone and watch your thoughts. It’s SO HARD. Have I mentioned that already?

BUT, it has a profound impact. And having all but stopped the daily practice  due to Ebola February, I can honestly tell you that my brain has not functioned well since.

I’ve committed to a weekly meditation, a longer 30-45 minute practice with my neighbour – a 30+ year Zen Buddhist practitioner (remember when they say that there are no coincidences?)-  but for better or worst, the Artist’s Way Morning Pages have taken up my meditation time. I’m not not happy about it (the pages are introspective rather than meditative, which is helpful also) but my ability to keep perspective in given situations has suffered greatly.

And so, just like I know brown rice is good for me, and I habitually make 2 cups every Sunday, I need to get back to daily meditation. Do the work. That’s all I can do. The rest will follow.

I have developed a daily intention that I say every morning, usually while walking the dog and staring up at the mountain in front of me (trying not to do it when cars are passing, for fear of looking like a crazy person… well, judging from my dog walking accoutrements, I think it’s safe to say that I cannot pass for a sane person, so maybe my concerns are in vain!) Anyways, it’s HORRIBLY embarrassing to speak, let alone publish it for you all,  but in it, I find a little bit of peace: intention


I spent most of my early thirties wondering if my spirituality would ever kick in, and where would I find it. Not being all connected to the Catholic Church that I grew up with, I did find peace in attending mass with the kids during their Sunday School. It’s a time like not other, when nothing is asked of you, and I deeply appreciated that. And somehow through meditation and the Artist’s Way, I think I’ve been able to define a little more clearly what my own spirituality means in my life.

And now that the cat’s out the bag, I turn the question over to you… do you have a daily practice of meditation, or spirituality of some kind? Or maybe there’s a specific thing that you’re curious about? For me it was the Tarot… long ago (not that it’s spiritual, but Woo Woo, which I totally like) and these days I’m really interested in the moon and lunar cycles…

And with that, I know I’ve revealed FAR too much.

But that marks the end of my One Year of Wellness recap! It was fun to write, so thanks for reading along!






4 thoughts on “One Year of Wellness: Part 3

  1. You are so brave! And you are an inspiration! Meditation is the scariest thing ever. I was terrified of it at first, which is why I avoided it so well. Now, after only a few weeks doing it more regularly (and not even every day!), I feel the difference in my brain (and my life!) when I don’t do it. It makes so much sense that it feels impossible after sunrise too. I am curious – when you journal, what do you write? There’s another scary one for me… Do you do in in the morning and evening, or one or the other? It’s amazing to follow you on this journey – and how great that you discovered your spirituality before you turn 40! I’m only starting now and I am almost 46 (WHAT?!). xox

    1. I think the fear is totally normal, I mean I spent years avoiding being alone and quiet with myself! I’m so happy you’re on that path!
      Re- writing. It can be anything! The only thing that matters is filling the pages, and I try to avoid writing to-do lists and things like that. I write in the morning (today I managed to meditate, quick 7m workout and then morning pages- I woke up at 6h08 and was finishing by 7h00.)
      I have a feeling that things get better as we get older, we see things more clearly, have better understanding of ourselves and the people around us. Maybe I’ll sing a different song on my 41st birthday though!

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