Style Bee

This dress popped up in my late night Instagtam perusal.

Kind of really perfect. 

And so I started clickety clicking and this Dress is a lot more than just a pretty frock. 

It found its way into the Style Bee blog, the documentation Center of Lee Vosburgh’s foray into the world of capsule wardrobes, intentional outfits and responsible fashion. 

Among some of her sources is Everlane, a fashion house that discloses the true cost of their wares and prizes manufacturing relationships over inflated profits. 

The hour I spent down the rabbit was not in vain! It was totally insightful and inspiring that with a little digging around the is an underworld of change bubbling up. 


Read about Lee’s closet mission here



2 thoughts on “Style Bee

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post! Late night Instagram rabbit holes are my favourite way to find new creatives 🙂 xo

    1. I wanted to write so much more!! And you’re Canadian to boot! I fell in love with the Capsule approach last year and I’m slowly trying to make those changes (it’s haaaaaaard- specially with kids!!) in my own life. Keep up the great work! And I’ll see you on IG late at night!

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