Fashion Week Pants Off




{All awesomeness above by Elizabeth Suzann, hand drafted, cut and sewn in Nashville, TN}

PANTS! Who needs new pants? THIS LADY DOES! I’m very very very tired of my winter pants and I’m *this* close to pulling out all my spring clothes and twirling around in sundresses and culottes… Alas, it’s still GD freezing outside.

The sun today was a sign of reset. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I was able to wake up nice and early and get my meditation in… I’m baaaaaaack! But the leg warmers and wooly socks are personae non-grata around these parts. And the jeans, I think I’m done with jeans, maybe until next October?

In dreaming of warmer weather, and thanks to yesterday’s post on Lee’s website, I took a few extra IG minutes to search around. I’ve been dreaming of a whole new spring/summer wardrobe that contains only linen, chambray and some silk. That and the mustard engineering worksuit I scored at the thrift store.

What I love about the simplicity of the stuff over at Elizabeth Suzann and the other similar brands pants, well, er, is their simplicity and the ginormous elastic waistbands. GUYS WE COULD BE FREE OF WAISTBANDS!!! These wide stretchy ones help you tuck in a tank top at the very narrowest part of you waist, they even cover all the messy stuff from the babies and the bread. Me LOVE giant elastic waistbands (as long as the fabric is light and flowy, and not too heavy because then I end up looking like a piece of heavy equipment rather than a chic tourist browsing the Moroccan markets).


{it’s me… going to the market!}

And sure, this is not a pair of pants, and it’s not even close to ethical despite it’s slightly exotic look, but it’s really f*cking nice:

Ace & Jig Flicker Dress - Hawthorn

Ace & Jig Flicker Dress

The simplicity of the patterns and the rawness of the materials are really appealing trends in the stuff coming up in the indie fashion world. It’s very craftsman like and easy to sew up in a cinch, now if only we had a local sewing lounge to head to… 😉

So what are you guys missing in your wardrobe these days.. what do you reach in for and never find?


4 thoughts on “Fashion Week Pants Off

  1. Down with jeans! But, I’m soooo loving these wide legged beauties with elastic waists. They’ll go with the two new pairs of TOMS I ordered in a fit of late night online retail therapy. #iloveyoudopamine

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