A little change never hurt anyone

Almost every morning this winter, I’ve eaten an egg, some spinach, lentils and a touch of sweet potato. Being on the road alot means not really having access to lunchtime meals as easily as being in an office and after packing three lunches, there is NO WAY IN HELL that I’m making a fourth lunch.  NO WAY.

I don’t know when I got the idea to switch my breakfast, but it had to do with a splurge at my local Coop for a baking day that I had last week. Along with two other moms, we made coconut macaroons, sweet potato bearpaws, molasses bearpaws and chocolate date bites.  We stocke up the freezer for future lunchboxes and afternoon snacks. The macaroons were SO GOOD and easy (2 eggs, 2 cups shredded unsweetened cocunut, 1 cup sugar, chocolate chips.. bake at 350… it made a zillion cookies)

I love shopping for baking ingredients, it keeps the promise of a fully stocked cooling rack, and this baking day did not disappoint!

Anyways, I don’t remember where I was going…

Ah yes, Chia Seeds.

Not something I’m totally familiar with, but I wanted to get on the wagon. If my mom eats them, they must be good. So I bought a bag (first I wasted 8$ on ground seeds which are useless) and decided to make myself a breakfast bowl inspired by the Oh She Glows book taken out at the library.

I’ve been eating it all week and it keeps me full well past regular lunch hour- which is when I usually have my own lunch. So the switch looks like this: breakfast bowl morning, egg lentils + spinach lunch and then dinner. Although, with the later lunch, I’m creeping towards maybe just having a big snack at supper instead of full supper? I know eating a small meal in the evening is the way to go for optimized sleep and all that stuff, but eating a separate meal from everyone else makes me feel weird and maybe puts a little strain on my existing food issues. TBD.

But I know what you’re thinking at this point.. blah blah blah….  WHAT IS IN THE BREAKFAST BOWL.

Breakfast Bowl

and voila! Add 5 allongés to that and you are fueled up for a day of racing around. Obviously, you could add any fruit you want. Stir in some blueberries or frozen raspberries for a fruity treat. Or some raisins + cinnamon if that’s your thing… even some form of nut butter and one chocolate chip?

So on Sunday night, be prepared to soak this stuff and start your week off with something a little new, but a little change never hurt anyone. Except for choppy bob and strawberry blonde eyebrows. Both of those were definitely painful.

xo Happy Weekend!



3 thoughts on “A little change never hurt anyone

  1. I swear I am not stalking you, but seriously we have the same food diary!! My new go to meal in the morning is oats (not steel cut) – I change it up for variety (quick oats or packaged brands I get at ecollogey that have no added sugar). I add coconut, dates, almond milk (homemade), cinnamon, salt – and 2 tbsp of that great lakes collagen (stuff I gave you!). Adds a bit of protein and so filling. I am not super into chia seeds – the consistency is a bit hard for me to take when it gets gel like! xo

    1. Ok, but do you smash up the dates?? That sounds yummmy and I have 3 tins of that gelatin!
      I made black bean burgers on Sunday and they were awesome- I’ll share that one too- they’re easy to throw in the freezer! Makes a mess and takes a gazillion ingredients, but I *think* they’re worth it!
      You would probably not love the chia pudding recipe either 😉

    2. No I just cut up the dates and put on top! I also use the coconut flakes (bit bigger than shredded pieces). I add them last because I like them to have a bit of crunch! Nuts or seeds are something I add last minute too, but not always.
      Key with gelatin is to stir it quickly after adding warm liquid – so it doesn’t clump! It gets thick fast, so best to test how much you add!
      YUMMM! – bean burgers! Do your kids actually eat them!? E has yet to try my lentils! They do look not so appealing, I get it, but taste is so good! xo

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